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Wednesday, January 17, 2007 Commission Capsule

(A summary of decisions made by the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners:)

PUBLIC APPEARANCE. The following people addressed the Board on items not on the agenda:

  • Reverend Willie B. Simpson on the annual "We Care" festival in Progress Park to be held May 12.
  • Martin Davis on taxes and alternative revenue sources.
  • Valerie McGill on the postal service and passports.

APPOINTMENTS. The Board made the following appointments:

  • Andy C. Higgins, Jr. and Timothy L. Hipp to the Fire Commission
  • Daniel Hawkins, Charles Horne and Danny Phillip to the Building Development Commission
  • James Dixon to the Transit Services Advisory Committee

POST-CONSTRUCTION STORM WATER. The Board held a public hearing and adopted a resolution supporting the post-construction storm water ordinance. The ordinance provides for the control of storm water pollutants in the approximately two-square-mile in southern Mecklenburg County that remains under County zoning jurisdiction.

LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES. The Board approved supporting the Public Library's Board of Trustees' request for special legislation to increase its membership from seven to eleven members. The request will be added to the 2007 legislative agenda. The Library Board voted to expand the size of the Board to enable the use of an expanded committee structure. Two new members would be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners within twelve months of the effective date of the legislation and two additional members to be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners within twenty-four months of the effective date of the legislation.

HAL MARSHALL SERVICES CENTER. The Board approved a process to sell 11.7 acres of County property known as the Hal Marshall Center. This property at North Tryon on College Street houses various County department staff, including LUESA, Community Support Services, and the Medical Examiner Office. Eventually, these services will be relocated to Freedom Mall, the County’s property on Freedom Drive. The process calls for the County to receive bids for the sale of the property under the condition that the County would have the right to remain on the property without paying rent for up to 2.5 years following the sale. This would allow a reasonable time for the County to design and renovate space at Freedom Mall for the relocation of staff and equipment at Hal Marshall. The Medical Examiner’s Office is already slated for relocation to a different site under development. The process will follow the public sale procedure known as the "upset bid" process that results in the sale to the highest bidder that meet the conditions of the sale.

2006 PERFORMANCE REPORT. The Board received a presentation on the County’s 2006 Performance Report. This annual report is produced to inform the Board and public about progress over the past year in achieving the Board’s goals for the community as identified on the Board’s Community and Corporate Scorecard. The report reveals the County has achieved 45% of its 2015 goals and improved performance on 57% of the remaining goals. The 2006 Performance Report is available at

CAVALIER APARTMENTS. As part of its consent agenda, the Board received and appropriated $5.4 million in federal hazard mitigation funds, and appropriated $2.3 million in storm water fee funds to purchase and demolish the Cavalier Apartment complex along Briar Creek. The complex consists of 192 units in 13 flood-prone buildings.


The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners met in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center on Wednesday, January 17, 2007. The meeting was televised live on The Government Channel, cable channel 16 and rebroadcast on WTVI at Midnight. The meeting is scheduled for re-telecast at various times on the Government Channel and GOV-TV, digital cable channel 232. Meetings are also available for viewing online.


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