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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 Commission Capsule

(A summary of decisions made by the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners:)

The Board adopted the following proclamations:
  • April 2008 as Fair Housing Month in Mecklenburg County

The following people addressed the board about issues of interest:

  • Nate Huggins about adult day care centers

The Board made the following appointments:

  • Gary Bies and Angela Weicherding to the Waste Management Advisory Board
  • Brenda Allison to the Adult Care Home Advisory Committee

The Board held a public hearing on a zoning petition to rezone 3.77 acres on Lancaster Highway from R-3 to R-8MF(CD), changing from single-family to conditional multi-family residential. The petitioner, Sinacori Homes, seeks approval for 22 town homes, with a density of about 6.4 units per acre. The site is within Pineville’s sphere of influence but not within the town’s municipal limits or its extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ). Therefore, Mecklenburg County retains jurisdiction over the site. This was the first zoning hearing held by the Board since the 1990s, when the Board agreed to have the Charlotte City Council make zoning decisions within the unincorporated areas of the County where it will ultimately annex. This property is within one-square mile of unincorporated area that remains within the County’s zoning authority.

The Board approved two business investment grants:

  • $503,119 over five years to Tessera Technologies. Tessera employs 102 workers in Charlotte, and is planning a $30 million expansion to add 185 new jobs over the next five years, expected to generate annual tax revenues of $397,617. The grant would be based on 50% of new taxes paid by the company.
  • $625,169 over five years to the SPEED Channel, Inc. The SPEED Channel employs 79 workers in a leased facility located at 9711 Southern Pine Boulevard. The company plans to move its corporate headquarters and build new production facilities when its lease expires in January 2009. This proposed expansion is estimated to generate additional annual tax revenues of $350,400. The incentive grant is based on 50% of new taxes to be paid by the company.

The Board received a report and recommendations regarding jail space needs and detention facility operations. This presentation included an executive summary of the Jails Master Plan highlighting specific components of the plan that require consideration by the Board. The full report of the Jails Master Plan will be made available to the Board at a later date.

The Board appropriated $350,000 from restricted contingency for STD/HIV jail testing services. The County Health Department and Sheriff’s Office will use the funds to implement testing to identify new HIV cases and provide funding for the appropriate medical treatment for positive cases while they are in the jail. The Health Department will use grant funds offset the cost of testing, and will coordinate through Ryan White providers for medical treatment and services when the individual is released from jail. This program will identify new cases of HIV and prevent future cases of HIV through education and enforcement of control measures.

The Board received a report on a proposed six-month pilot project to locate a magistrate in the Northern Mecklenburg County, and directed the Sheriff’s Office to analyze the fiscal and operational impact of the proposal and report back to the Board. The magistrate would assist both the public and law enforcement officers in obtaining warrants and/or criminal summons, involuntary commitments, domestic violence warrants, and all other cases that do not involve direct contact with inmates (i.e. bonds). The magistrate would be housed at Cornelius Police department free of charge with a secure, electronic link to the Magistrate’s Office and Mecklenburg County Jail Central. United Family Services would provide a Victim Assistance staff person to assist the magistrate with his or her work.

The Board appropriated $150,000 from restricted contingency to fund summer literacy services through the public library, YMCA and the County Park and Recreation Department. In FY08, the Board approved $200,000 in restricted contingency to help increase literacy. Over the past year, a Literacy Collaborative – comprising the County, CPCC, CMS, Communities in Schools (CIS), Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, and the Public Library -- identified summer literacy, year-round reinforcement, and mentoring programs as essential in bridging academic performance gaps in reading, writing and math.

the Board refused a request by Commissioner James to reconsider its March 18 decision to not alter contract language to ensure tax funds are not used to support employing illegal immigrants.

The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners met in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center on Tuesday, April 15, 2008. The meeting was televised live on The Government Channel, cable channel 16 and rebroadcast on WTVI at Midnight. The meeting is scheduled for re-telecast at various times on the Government Channel and GOV-TV, digital cable channel 232. Meetings are also available for viewing online


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