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Commission Capsule for April 7, 2009


The Board adopted the following proclamations:

  • Fair Housing Month
  • Health Care Decisions Week
  • Minority Health Month
  • Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month
  • Alcohol Awareness Month
  • Order of the Hornet
    The Board inducted Leon and Sandra Levine into the Order of the Hornet in recognition of their service to the community.

Budget Update

The Board received an update on the development of the County Manager's Recommended Budget for next fiscal year. 

The report included updated information on projected revenues for next year, potential reductions and highlights regarding employee compensation for next year.

HR Policy Change

The Board amended the County's Human Resources Policy to provide authority for the County Manager to change the County's operating hours for business needs. Among the changes this would enable is allowing the County Manager to implement unpaid employee furloughs or unpaid holidays to address budget shortages. This does not mean the County Manager plans to change the operating hours or implement furloughs. This is simply providing the County Manager with the authority to take action as necessary.

Business Investment Grant

The Board approved the County's participation in a business investment grant for $143,000 over 3 years to GMAC Financial Services. GMAC has selected Charlotte to relocate various corporate functions from Detroit, planning to create 200 new jobs, many in the financial services sector.  GMAC also plans to make a capital investment between $6 million to $8 million over the next three yeas.  This grant is based on 90% of the net new property taxes that will be paid by GMAC during this time.

Naming County Buildings

The Board instructed staff to draft a policy and process for naming County buildings.

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