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Commission Capsule for May 19, 2009

Recommended Budget

County Manager Harry Jones presented his Recommended Budget for FY 2010. The primary issue for the County is a significant drop in total revenue by nearly $100 million and local dollars by nearly $50 million.
The County Manager's key recommendations include:

  • Maintaining Fiscal Discipline – Funding Paygo
  • Fund County Services at 91.5% of the current year's funding
  • Fund Employee Compensation at 94.7% of the current year's funding
  • Fund Outside Agencies based on Performance and Priority
  • Fund Education Services at 93.7% of the current year's funding

Charitable Giving Campaign

The Board listened to a proposal to amend the County policy on employee charitable giving campaigns to expand the number of non-profit organizations employees can make donations to, as well as consolidating the giving into one campaign per year.
Currently, the County holds two employee giving campaigns each year – one for the Arts and Science Council and one for United Way. The Board referred the matter to the Effective and Efficient Government Committee.

Board Compensation

The Board amended its policy regarding how compensation for Board members is set.  Currently, the policy says that Board members will receive the average change in pay that County employees received in the previous fiscal year. The revised policy would have Board members pay would change the same percentage as the projected average change in the same fiscal year. 
Therefore, in FY 2010, the Board would receive the same change – or no change – in pay as it approves for County employees.

Law Enforcement Service District

The Board directed the County Manager to seek alternative solutions to funding policy services in the incorporated areas as well as to refer to the Criminal Justice Advisory Group to determine the most effective long-term solution for the provision of these services.

Storm Water Fee Public Hearing

The Board held a series of public hearing on proposed changes to storm water fees. Storm Water Services is proposing changing from a two tier system of fees to a four tier system. 

This would allow more specificity in charging fees based on the amount of water runoff properties produce.  If the fees are implemented properties with larger impervious surfaces would pay more in fees due to contributing more to storm water runoff, while other properties would pay a little less. The Board approved a staff recommendation to continue he public hearing until the June 2 meeting to allow for additional public comment. 

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