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Commission Capsule for May 5, 2010

FY11 Budget Update

Management and Budget Director Hyong Yi updated the Board and the public on the cost of police protection in the unincorporated parts of Mecklenburg County. CMPD provides that service and people who live in those areas pay a slightly higher property tax.

County Manager Harry Jones indicates he does not plan to raises taxes to cover the increase in cost being asked for by CMPD.

The Manager will present his FY11 Recommended Budget to the Board at its May 18 meeting.

Homeless Plan

The Board received as information a plan to eliminate and prevent homelessness in Mecklenburg County in ten years. You can read the entire plan here.

Child Fatalities

The Board received as information the annual report from the Child Fatality Prevention and protection Team. The latest numbers available are for 2008. Mecklenburg County had 40 preventable child deaths that year which is a quarter of all child fatalities. Full Report.

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