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This Board’s Final Meeting

Board PicThis was the last meeting of the BOCC Class of 2008-2010. County Manager Harry Jones recognized each member and presented them with a plaque in recognition of their service. Chairman Jennifer Roberts was also presented with a gavel to show appreciation for the added work service she performed as Chairman of the Board. The New Board will sworn-in on Monday, December 6 and their first regular meeting will be Tuesday, December 7.

Schedule of Values
NeighborhoodThe Board approved documents called the Uniform Schedules of Values and Standards and Rules and the Present-Use Value Schedule for 2011 Reappraisal. Bottom line- these are the standards used by the Mecklenburg County Assessor to determine new values on all 350,000 properties in Mecklenburg County, a process commonly called revaluation. The County Assessor’s Office is reappraising the properties now and notices of the new values will be in your mailbox in January. There is a special web site that answers a lot of your questions about revaluation. It is  It includes Frequently Asked Questions and several instructional videos.

Business Investment Grant
The Board approved a business investment grant for Saertex USA, a manufacturer of carbon fiber fabrics. The company plans an $8m expansion of its facility in Huntersville. If the company meets all the criteria outlined in the grant, it could receive as much as $88,063 in County incentives.

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