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New Board Meets
Dec 7
A brief rundown of key decisions made  at the first meeting of the 2010-12 Board of County Commisioners.

Commissioner Jennifer Roberts was elected by fellow Board members to be Chairman at the Board’s swearing-in on December 6. This is Commissioner Roberts’ third term as chairman. Commissioner Jim Pendergraph was elected to be Vice-Chairman.

At the December 7 meeting…
The Board received from the County Manager his 2010-2011 Strategic Management Plan. These are the initiatives Harry Jones is committing to complete during the coming year. These items include completing the Vision 2020 process to revisit the Board’s long-term vision for the community, identifying and implementing additional shared services and /or internal consolidation of business support functions such as Information and Technology Services, Human Resources, and Public Services and Information and developing implementation strategies for the county’s Consolidated Human Services Agency that results in greater sharing of resources and more formal functional consolidation of services. Commissioners voted to defer adoption of the plan pending an update from the Manager on possible functional consolidation issues with the City of Charlotte and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Here is the full list of items on the Manager’s plan.

The Board adopted a resolution in support of the current North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control system. The Board was asked by the State Board to support the current system which allows for local control and offers a regular revenue stream from local ABC profits. North Carolina law requires the Mecklenburg County ABC Board distribute no less than 5% of its profits before distributions on behalf of law enforcement services; and no less than 7% for substance abuse treatment, education and rehabilitation. The balance of profits is then distributed: 47 ½ % to both Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte and 5% to the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County. Mecklenburg County’s share of local profits amounts to nearly $3 million a year.

The Board amended the original motion to state that the board supports continued local control and a continued local revenue stream to the county. 

The Board adopted their meeting schedule for calendar year 2011. View calendar.

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