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Commission Capsule February 1
Capital Planning Process

The Board received a report from IBM about the County’s Capital Planning process. IBM spent three weeks in 2010 studying the issue and has determined that decisions about which public buildings to construct or purchase should be decided after discussion with all local government entities. IBM’s report indicates that input from the City of Charlotte, the County towns, CMS, Library and CPCC will help the Board of County Commissioners make better Capital building decisions. The Board conducted a day-long retreat in October on this same issue and gave preliminary approval to a matrix for making building decisions. The Boards also discussed the issue at its Strategic Planning Conference last week. Final decisions will be made during the FY12 budget process.

Budget Update

Management and Budget Director Hyong Yi gave the Board a budget update (a regular feature of Board meetings). He recapped some of the details of the Strategic Planning Conference:

  • Economists forecast 3-5 years of slow growth
  • Employers Association – companies are hiring and restoring employee benefits
  • NCACC says State budget gap will be $3.7 billion
  • Mecklenburg County financial indicators are on target – no mid-year reductions expected
  • Manager priorities – Debt Service Fund and employee compensation
  • Listed Critical Success Factors
You can read a full-wrap-up of the three-day Strategic Planning Conference at Mecklenblog.
As part of Mecklenburg’s Citizen Involvement, the County will be part of Crossroads Charlotte’s new effort called “Get Real 2011.”


The Tax Assessor presented to the Board the preliminary residential valuation and next steps. The Assessor’s initial estimate of the total value of the properties included in this report is $60 billion. That number will be adjusted as appeals are processed. Timetable for revaluation/tax valuation is:
  • February 7 – Notice of new values mailed to property owners
  • March 8 – 30 day deadline for appeals
  • April 4 – May 2 – Board of Equalization and Review meets to consider appeals
  • June – BOCC sets tax rate
  • September - New property tax bills mailed
There are tools to help you understand the revaluation process and how to appeal at

Pre-School Funding

Commissioner Leake brought a motion to the Board to consider earmarking $10 million to help pay for CMS pre-school services.  The funding would be to help underserved children in the school system.  The $10 million would be in addition to the Board’s operational fund designated for CMS. Commissioner Roberts met with school officials and their priority list puts Bright Beginnings down in fifth place. Commissioner Pendergraph says CMS likes Bright Beginnings but they have identified higher priorities. The Board voted to defer the matter until April.

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