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Commission Capsule, April 5

Budget Revenue Update
The Board received updates from County Finance Director Dena Diorio about Revenue projections and from Management & Budget Director Hyong Yi about expenses. Mecklenburg County reduced its operating budget by $150 million dollars over the past two years. That has put additional pressure on County departments that are actually seeing an increase in the demand for services. Departments have done a good job in redesigning and reshaping how they do business including reorganizing, outsourcing when possible, renegotiating contracts and more. Information Services and Technology has saved $1 million by negotiating better prices on PC’s and laptops and other licensing agreements. Human Resources has saved millions of dollars in the cost of worker’s compensation and insurance carrier fees. More than $12 million was saved by eliminating positions in Storm Water and Code Enforcement. County staff levels are lower than they were in 1999 but demand for services in DSS and the Health department for example have skyrocketed. Even though revenue levels for the remainder of FY11 appear stronger than previous years and projections for FY12 look good, Yi says County management remains committed to looking for ways to consolidate services and reduce costs. View both PowerPoint presentations. Follow the budget process. Mecklenburg County Critical Sucess Factors: Operational Excellence, Fiscal Discipline, Service Investment and Delivery Model.

Handling Solid Waste
Mecklenburg County is responsible for disposing of all the solid waste collected in the County. All the waste is now dumped at the Speedway Landfill in Concord. The Board is considering a plan to redirect that waste to a planned incinerator called the ReVenture Project. The Board authorize and appropriate $100,000 from the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund Balance to the FY 2011 Operating Budget for the purpose of performing an expert technical evaluation of the ReVenture Project. The Board adopted a Capital Project Ordinance in the amount of $15 million authorizing the funding, construction and equipment acquisition for Phase 2 of the County-owned Foxhole Landfill. The Foxhole has been approved to receive all types of solid waste but the County has only been accepting construction waste so far. And the Board authorized the developer of the ReVenture Project to include the County’s Foxhole Landfill as the receiving landfill for residuals and by-pass waste in their Solid Waste Permit Application. The County’s agreement with the Speedway Landfill ends on June 30, 2012 and the Board is considering the ReVenture Project and the Foxhole Landfill as alternatives to entering into a longer-term contract with the Speedway Landfill. View all background documentsMecklenburg County Solid Waste Website. Mecklenburg County Critical Sucess Factor: Sustainability

Romare Bearden Park
At its March 22, 2011 meeting, the Board heard a staff presentation to get the Romare Bearden Park in Third Ward back on track. The Board has previously approved the concept of the park and voters approved bonds to construct it in 2004. However, the County hasn't sold those bonds so funding isn't available. Staff suggested the benefit of putting that project back on track for this year's 100th anniversary of the birth of the Charlotte artist Romare Bearden. The Board referred the matter to the Natural Resources Committee further discussion. The committee met Tuesday afternoon and brought its thoughts to the full Board at its evening meeting. Some members of the Board still had questions that couldn’t be answered so the item was deferred to the April 19 meeting for further discussion. View all background documents. Mecklenburg County Critical Sucess Factor: Sustainability

The Board holds a Budget/Public Policy Workshop on April 12 and its next regular meeting is April 19.

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