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Commission Capsule May 3, 2011

Functional Consolidation with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library
County Manager Harry Jones announced to the Board that he and Library Chief Executive Officer Vick Phillips have agreed to consolidate several internal Library functions under the County. Responsibility for managing the Library’s human resources, information technology, and capital projects management will be assumed by the County starting July 1. The consolidation is expected to save approximately $137,500 next year, and will transfer 10 Library positions (two in HR, eight in IT) to Mecklenburg County.  Two other functions-- finance and marketing/communications -- were also studied. While consolidation was not recommended in those areas, the agreement calls for the Library’s Marketing/Communication unit and the County’s Public Service & Information Department to build and enhance an intentional alliance/collaboration of mutual resource sharing and support. The Library Board of Trustees agreed to the changes on May 2.

Library Task Force Work Group
The Board approved the recommendations of the Library Task Force Work Group.
Background: After the presentation by Dr. Jim Woodward of the Future of the Library Task Force Final Report on March 21, 2011, this workgroup met to review the recommendations of the Task Force. Members of the Library Task Force Workgroup are Harold Cogdell, Karen Bentley and Dumont Clarke of the BOCC; Molly Griffin, Bob Sink, and Darrel Williams of the BOT. The purpose of the workgroup was to review the recommendations presented by the Future of the Library Task Force and to determine whether to forward them as proposed or modified to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and Board of Trustees (BOT) for approval and implementation. It was the unanimous recommendation of the workgroup that the BOCC and the BOT each approve the Task Force recommendations, as modified and that the County Manager and the CEO of the Library be directed to begin the process of implementing these recommendations as soon as practicable. The issue of the level of County funding for the Library has yet to be settled.

Revenue Update
Finance Director Dena Diorio briefed the Board on the revenue outlook for the remainder of FY11. Property tax collections are strong and sales tax receipts are about the same as the same month last year. Total revenue from all sources is running $10.8 million above projections. Additional details.

Law Enforcement Service District (LESD)
All residents who live outside the City of Charlotte or the County towns live in what is called unincorporated Mecklenburg County.  It is less expensive for the County to contract with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department for law enforcement coverage than to maintain a County police force. People who live in this special district pay slightly higher property taxes to cover the cost of the police coverage.  Figuring the cost to each homeowner is made a little more complicated this year because of revaluation and the legal requirement that the BOCC be provided with information about a revenue-neutral tax rate. At the same time, staff must inform the elected officials what the rate needs to be in order to cover the cost of police coverage. For FY12 actual anticipated tax rate for the owner of a $200,000 home in this special district will be $35.00 less than the current tax bill. Additional details.

Fee increase for County Services
As part of the Consent Agenda, the Board approved the following changes to County service fees:
• Health Department
• Park and Recreation

Fees proposed by the Land Use and Environmental Services Agency were not acted on by the Board and will be considered at a future meeting.

Commissioners Roberts, Cooksey and James were not in attendance at the meeting. Vice-Chair Pendergraph chaired the meeting.

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