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Commission Capsule for May 17, 2011

Manager's Recommended Budget
County Manager Harry Jones unveiled his FY12 Recommended Budget. It is the duty of the manager to recommend a budget based on Board and community priorities. The Board then examines the recommendation and is required by statute to adopt a balanced budget by the end of June.

Highlights of the Manager's Recommended Budget include:
  • Total budget = $1.38 billion
  • Budget is $39.3 million more than FY11, a 2.9% increase
  • Tax rate to support the budget is 82.49 cents per $100 of valuation
  • 57.3% of County property owners will pay higher taxes (Average $393) 
  • $42 million in cuts from FY11 to be reinvested to fund key needs
  • Eliminating County subsidy for indigent care
  • Restoration of County employee merit raises and other benefits.
  • CMS will receive an additional $26.1 million
  • Libraries will receive an additional $2.27 million 

Complete details about the budget can be viewed here. Watch the video of the Manager's presentation. A budget public hearing on the Manager's Recommended Budget will be held on May 19.

Compliance Program
It is the policy of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners that Mecklenburg County government be in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations, contractual obligations, as well as policies established by the Board and the County Manager, including the Board’s Code of Ethics (“Code of Ethics”). Establishing a Compliance Program, including hiring a Chief Compliance Officer, would ensure that the County is complying with its obligations. The Board officially adopted the concept of a compliance program at this meeting. Full Details.

Outsourcing Assessment
Commissioner Pendergraph presented a motion to direct the County Manager to request from CMS, CPCC and other County-funded agencies (excluding non-profit outside agency organizations) an assessment from independent contractors or vendors regarding potential savings with outsourcing. The purpose of this action is to determine the extent to which County-funded agencies have conducted an independent assessment of potential cost savings through outsourcing. CMS has already formed a committee to study outsourcing but the Board approved the motion and the Manager will work with CMS and CPCC to assist in studying service outsourcing.  

Business Incentive Grant
The Board approved a resolution approving a Business Investment Grant to Electrolux AB for up to $407,189 and authorized the County Manager to negotiate and execute a contract. The County’s grant is equal to 50% of the taxes that will be paid by Electrolux over five years. A fiscal impact analysis shows a present value of net benefits to the County of $2,242,296 over ten years, based on an investment of $20 million.

Order of the Hornet
The Board bestowed the Order of the Hornet upon Dr. Charles Sifford. Dr. Sifford was born in Charlotte in 1922. He became the first African American to earn a PGA Tour card and the first African American to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. The Order of the Hornet is highest honor awarded by Mecklenburg County. Mecklenburg County recently renamed Revolution Park Golf Course in Dr. Sifford's honor. Watch a video of that event.

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