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Commission Capsule - June 21, 2011

Capital Projects Priority List
The Board received as information a list of public building projects ranked in priority order that totals $274 million. Staff is recommending to the Board that it consider the top 18 projects for funding through the sale of bonds and the use of the County's PayGo fund. A majority of the projects are remodeling old schools in the CMS system and buildings for CPCC. Several park and greenway projects are also on the ranked list. Criteria for ranking the projects came from a process adopted by the Board at its Strategic Planning Conference earlier this year. Staff will come back to the Board in August or September to authorize the sale of $100 million in bonds. The actual sale will happen in October/November. Work on some of the projects will proceed within the next few months. You can view the full list of projects here.

Contract with Carolinas Healthcare System
The Board agreed to Manager Harry Jones call for a July 12 special board meeting to discuss the County's partnership and interlocal agreement with Carolinas Healthcare System. CHS provides the County Health Department's clinical services. Manager Jones has declared CHS to be in breach of contract for its failure to provide performance documentation to the County. The meeting will be held at 3pm on July 12. Location TBA.

Drug Court Positions
During the budget process, commissioners agreed to fund the salaries of eight state employees who work in the Mecklenburg County Drug Treatment Court. State funding for those positions were eliminated by the General Assembly. The County also agreed to provide ongoing funding for five addition Drug Court employees who have already been paid by the County. The Administrative Office of the Courts says it cannot carry the positions on its books even if Mecklenburg County funds the jobs. So, the Board agreed to make these 13 workers County employees at a cost of $961,325. Additional details.

Knights Stadium
The Board accepted the recommendation of its Economic Development Committee that grants an extension to the Charlotte Knights to secure financing for an uptown baseball stadium. The County had a signed agreement with the Knights in 2007 and the Knights had financing and partners, but a series of lawsuits and the poor economy soured the deal. Local attorney and major league baseball supporter Jerry Reece brought multiple lawsuits against the Knights and County to prevent the stadium from being built. All suits were dismissed. The new agreement would have the Knights play all of its 2014 home games in the new stadium. A final board vote will happen in August. Attorney Reece was allowed to address the Board on this issue and said if the Board approved the extension he will again challenge it in court and will begin a social media campaign against the Knight's plan. Reece says he believes the Charlotte region has outgrown a minor league baseball team and he will continue to pursue a major league team and with try to locate a stadium in one of three suburban locations.

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