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Commission Capsule July 12, 2011

Hospital Authority Agreement
The Board of County Commissioners has voted to authorize the County Manager to notify the Charlotte Mecklenburg Hospital Authority (Carolinas Healthcare System) that the County is terminating it's agreement effective June 30, 2013. The manager asked for authority to terminate after determining the Authority to be in breach of contract on numerous occasions. The Manager says the Hospital Authority has repeatedly failed to provide data to the County which is outlined in the agreement and required by the State of North Carolina. The Manager says the Board expects him to oversee contract compliance for the hundreds of contracts the County has entered into. Manager Jones says the Hospital Authority has refused to provide information despite repeated requests. Jones says he cannot continue to allow the Hospital Authority to ignore terms of the agreement while the County expects other contractors to follow contract terms.

The county's agreement with the Authority involves three separate services. 1. The Authority provides health/clinical services under the County Health Director, serving as the Health Department. 2. Indigent care subsidy.  3. Psychiatric care is paid for by the County and services are provided by the Authority. The current agreement runs through June 30, 2013.

The Manager will notify the Authority immediately that the County will not extend the contract beyond that date. The Board instructed the Manager to offer to enter into mediation with the Authority and to offer to pay for half the cost of the mediation. The Manager advises the Board that he may ask for an earlier end date if the Authority continues to breech the current agreement.

The Manager says he has had positive discussions with Presbyterian/Novant about taking over some of the services now being performed by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Hospital Authority. All documents.

Capital Building Ordinances
The Board approved five separate ordinances allowing funding of Capital building projects such as schools, CPCC, parks, JCSU and others. Read the details.

Legislative Review
In November, the Board adopted a legislative agenda for the 2011 session of the General Assembly. The Board accepted as information a review of the County’s successes in enacting that agenda and touch on other items of significance to Mecklenburg County. Read Review.

Knights Baseball
The Board authorized the clerk to to publish a notice of intent to amend the Development and Economic Grant Agreement and Lease between Mecklenburg County and Knights Baseball, LLC with respect to the development, operation and maintenance of a baseball stadium on County land located in Third Ward. The Board had previously agreed to approve a change in the agreement with the Knights that gives the Knights extra time to find funding and begin construction on an uptown stadium. Agreement.

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