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Commission Capsule - August 2, 2011

Knight's Stadium
The Board approved an amendment to the agreement it has with the Charlotte Knight's Baseball Team that gives he Knights a slight extension to secure financing and begin construction on the Third Ward stadium. The original agreement in 2008 had the Knights completing the stadium this year. But a series of lawsuits aimed at stopping the project plus the bad economy slowed down the project. The new agreement gives the Knights until June of next year to line up financing and an October 2012 deadline to start construction with play to begin with the 2014 season. One speaker on the issue was Jerry Reese the Charlotte attorney who filed previous lawsuits to stop the stadium project. Reese feels the region is ripe for major league baseball which he says will not come if the Knights get their new stadium uptown. Reese told the Board that he will file suit again now BOCC has agreed to give the Knights additional time to complete their stadium plans.

Child Fatality Report
The Child Fatality Prevention and Protection Team presented its annual report to the Board. The Team's mission is to identify system deficiencies, coordinate community response and advocate for prevention and policy improvements. The County rate of child death is 58 per 100,000 residents compared with 67 statewide. African American children account for 64% of all child deaths. The latest available numbers are for 2009 when there were 88 child deaths with 7% considered preventable.

Land Purchase
The Board agreed in closed session to purchase more than 240 acres of land in Davidson for future park land at a price of $3.7 million. The land had been targetted for a luxury home development by a private developer. The poor housing market and general condition of the economy killed that development. has a great story about the property.

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