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Commission Capsule - September 20, 2011
Grant Application - NCDOT Rural Operating Assistance Program

The Board adopted a certified statement for the Department of Social Services to submit an application for the NCDOT Rural Operating Assistance Program for fiscal year 2011-2012 and appropriated grant funds of $416,383 when awarded. This NCDOT grant provides funding for transportation services to elderly and disabled citizens, Work First clients requiring transitional/employment transportation services, and the general public living in rural areas of Mecklenburg County.

Project SEARCH

Human Resources Director Chris peak presented on Project SEARCH, a nationally recognized program designed to provide education and training to young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In January of 2011, Mecklenburg County became the first employer in North Carolina to participate in the Project SEARCH program. Through a partnership with Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), the County provided internships to eight students with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The interns spent a few hours a day in a classroom (provided by the County) and the remainder of the day working in Human Resources creating imaged documents of files. On May 3, this year’s participants graduated. Since graduation, one employee has found a permanent position as a Scanner with a local business. Video

Business Investment Program Grant: Time Warner Cable, Phase 3

Commissioners approved the third phase of a business incentive grant to Time Warner Cable for expansions the company has made in the past decade. The new deal provides up to $1.3 million over five years.

New Policy Procedures Regarding Agendas

After a heated debate, commissioners agreed to establish new rules for how items can be placed on the meeting agenda. The new rules require members, except for the chair, to get support from at least two others before putting an item on the agenda. It also sets a time limit of three minutes for topics that don't need a board vote.

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