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Commission Capsule - October 4, 2011
Ballantyne Infrastructure Agreement
The Board adopted a Resolution approving an Interlocal Agreement with the City that will require the County to pay 45% of the incremental County property taxes from the Ballantyne Synthetic TIF Zone to the City over 15 years. The agreement has the City and County reimbursing the developer for certain public improvements in and around Ballantyne Corporate Center. The reimbursement will not exceed $11 million. Additional Details.

Board/Employee Relations
The Board approve a policy and protocol for managing investigations and sanctions regarding employee complaints of harassment by a member of the Board of County Commissioners or a member of a board or commission appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. There has been no Board policy prohibiting harassment of employees by members of the Board of County Commissioners or members of boards or commissions appointed by the Board. Nor has there been a protocol established by the Board for investigating employee complaints of such harassment or for Board remedies if allegations are substantiated. Full Policy.

ACC Football Championship
The Board directed the County Manager to appropriate $250,000 from the FY12 Economic Development Grants Fund to the ACC Football Championship. When Charlotte initially submitted its bid to host the game several years ago, the County agreed to provide a $250,000 sponsorship, and the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) a $200,000 sponsorship. The County’s subsequent budget difficulties made that sponsorship impossible, and last year, the CRVA provided the entire $450,000. According to Visit Charlotte the direct visitor spending was approximately $9,030,441 and the overall economic impact was $13,545,600.

IKEA Recognition
The Board recognized IKEA for its community grant to provide child-friendly furniture for the County’s Child Support Enforcement Department office. In early 2011, Mecklenburg County applied for an IKEA Community Grant to assist the Child Support Enforcement Department in providing a child-friendly environment at the CSE office location. IKEA approved the grant request made by Public Service & Information staff on behalf of CSE. Furniture was selected this summer. The items were set up in CSE. PSI staff created a video to document the partnership. The total value of the donated goods was nearly $1,000, and representatives of IKEA have pledged to re-stock areas as needed in the coming years and to keep the newly-created children’s play areas fresh and updated.

County Personnel Policies
The Board approve revisions to the Human Resources Policy recommended by the Effective & Efficient Government Committee (EEG) providing the County Manager’s authority for negotiated separation. Responding to a request by the EEG Committee, staff from human resources, legal, and the County Manager’s Office developed recommended policy for negotiated separation from employment with Mecklenburg County. The intent of the proposed amendment is to provide to provide the County Manager with additional employee management tools. The draft changes to the Human Resources Policy were reviewed and approved by the County Manager and Executive Team on May 31, 2011. On September 20, 2011, the EEG Committee reviewed staff’s recommended policy amendments and approved recommending that the Board adopt the policy in the attached document.

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