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Commission Capsule - January 18, 2012

Air Pollution Control Ordinance

The Board conducted a public hearing and then adopted revisions to the County Air Pollution Control Ordinance. This is in response to State certification and USEPA grant requirements. The revision has been reviewed by the County Attorney and the North Carolina Division of Air Quality and has been sent to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4 for review and comment. The revisions include increases in air quality permit application and annual administering and compliance fees for the first time since 2004. Revised fees provide minimum funding necessary to sustain the stationary source permitting and inspection programs of the Air Quality Division. The fees will become effective Oct. 1, 2012.

Envision Charlotte

The Board was updated on Envision Charlotte. Smart Energy Now (SEN) is the first model program of Envision Charlotte under the “Energy” pillar and it is now up and running. Envision Charlotte Board of Directors representatives update the BOCC on SEN progress, plans for the future of SEN and plans for the future of Envision Charlotte as it pursues additional model programs (under the pillars of Air, Water and Waste) to complete a full environmental sustainability platform. Presenters were Vincent Davis (Duke Energy); Michael Smith (Center City Partners); and Envision Charlotte Chairman Tom Shircliff (Intelligent Buildings).

Dais Seating Assignment

At the request of Commissioner Leake, the full board asked Chairman Cogdell for clarification regarding procedure and effective date for seating of commissioners around the dais at meetings held in the meeting chamber. Commissioners Dunlap and Roberts supported Commissioner Leake’s request to have the item on the agenda. At the Dec. 20, 2011 meeting, changes were made to the seating arrangements of the commissioners pursuant to instructions given to the Clerk by Chairman Cogdell. Chairman Cogdell responded that he will discuss this and other matters about Board interaction at the Strategic Planning Conference Feb. 23 & 24.

COG and NCACC Board Meetings
Commissioner Roberts updated the Board on the latest meeting of Centralina Council of Government and the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners. Commissioner Roberts attended the December Board meeting of the NCACC, and provided an update of programs related to COG.

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