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Commission Capsule - September 18, 2012

Legislative Goals
The Board adopted several legislative goals as requested by the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners. The NCACC will review goals from all member counties around the state and then will develop its legislative agenda for he 2013 session of the State Legislature.

Library Report
Newly appointed Library CEO Lee Kessler gave the Board an update on progress the library is making to fulfill the goals set out by the special Library Committee to make the library financially viable. Keesler told the board that the Library has adjusted its goals and operations to match with the County's goals of Job & Workforce Development and Education.

Employee Survey
The Board received a report regarding the 2012 Employee Climate Survey, an annual voluntary survey of County employees to gauge their satisfaction with their work experience. This year saw a record number of employees responding (80%) and an increase in satisfaction. The report list several reasons for the improving climate among employees:
  • Restoring employee raises and 401k/457 match

  • Improved economy

  • Few budget cuts, some funding restored

  • Continuing employee appreciation day

  • Responding to employee concerns

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