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​Commission Capsule - August 6, 2013

2011 Property Revaluation

Interim County Manager Bobbie Shields presented an Implementation Plan for 2011 Property Revaluation to the Board. The County will utilize a qualified appraisal company to conduct a review of all property values in the County by neighborhood and make recommendations to the Board. Following the appointment of a new County Assessor Sept.3, 2013, a qualified appraisal company will be selected by Sept. 17 and neighborhood reviews will begin Sept.18.

As part of the Implementation Plan, the Board voted to hire 16 full-time employees including 10 property appraisers at an additional cost of just over $1 million. The money will come from an already approved contingency fund in the FY14 budget.

Bond Referendum for School and Community College Facilities

The Board agreed to put $500 million in bonds designated for school facilities and community college facilities on the ballot in November. The proposed bonds include $290,000,000 for the acquisition and construction of new school facilities and improvements and expansion of existing school facilities and $210,000,000 for acquisition and construction of new community college facilities and the improvement and expansion of existing community college facilities.

Storm Water Services' 2013 Flooding and Response
The Board received a report on Storm Water Services' response to 2013 flood events. Mecklenburg County has experienced its wettest summer in 70 years, receiving twice the normal rainfall amounts. The presentation reviewed the County floodplain program and outlined three ways to reduce flood loss including continuing the floodplain buyout program, maintenance of floodplain maps and the personal responsibility of citizens to purchase flood insurance.
Health Department Transition Update
The Board received an update on the Health Department transition from Assistant County Manager Michelle Lancaster. Since Mecklenburg County assumed direct responsibility for the management of the County Health Department on July 1, 433 employees have transitioned from Carolina’s Healthcare System to the County. County staff is in the process of accessing the current state of programs offered to citizens and the condition and maintenance needs of Health Department facilities and other assets.

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