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Commission Capsule - May 7, 2013

Termination of the County Manager
The Board met in closed session for several hours, then opened the public portion of the meeting by voting to terminate County Manager Harry Jones immediately without cause. The Board went back into closed session to discuss appointing an interim manager. They emerged to announce that General Manager Bobbie Shields was appointed interim county manager. Shields was administered the oath by the Clerk to the Board on Wednesday, May 8.


Park and Recreation Ordinance
The Board approved an amendment to the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Facilities Ordinance relating to the possession of handguns in certain facilities. On April 2, 2013, the Board considered an amendment to the Park and Recreation Facilities Ordinance dealing with concealed carry of handguns that was proposed by the Park and Recreation Department to make it consistent with a State statute that became effective January 1, 2013. On December 1, 2011, new state legislation became effective that limits the County's authority to regulate carrying concealed handguns pursuant to permit in parks thereby rendering Section 29 of the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Facilities Ordinance partially invalid. The amendments to SECTION 29 proposed by Commissioner Bentley and adopted by the Board brings the referenced section of the Ordinance in line with General Statute 14-415.23 which allows concealed carry pursuant to permit in parks except for specified "Buildings" and "Recreational Facilities" (which includes playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools and athletic facilities). The open or concealed carrying of weapons by duly authorized law enforcement personnel in parks is not affected.


Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Capital Plan
The Board received a report from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) on a Proposed Capital Plan
that would expand magnet, career and technical offerings, add seats to an early college program and renovate or replace older buildings. In addition, the proposal includes building three new K-8 schools and expanding other facilities to relieve over-crowding. This is a three-year capital plan costing approximately $294 million and includes 18 projects. It is anticipated that CMS will request that the Board of County Commissioners approve a bond referendum for a portion of this plan for November 2013. That vote will come in June.


Citizens Capital Budget Advisory Committee
The Board approved capital standards developed and recommended by the Citizens Capital Budget Advisory Committee (CCBAC) for Park and Recreation, Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. Now that the capital standards have been adopted by the BOCC, the CCBAC will apply the capital standards to all submitted projects to ensure the submissions are consistent with the approved capital standards.


**Due to the lengthy discussion about the county manager, the Board voted to adjourn the meeting before considering all items on the agenda. The following items will roll over to the May 21 meeting:

  • All Appointments
  • All Staff Reports & Requests Items
  • County Commissioners Reports & Request (Two items remaining: County Assessor Position - Chairman Cotham & Structure of Mecklenburg County Government - Chairman Cotham
  • All Consent Items

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