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Commission Capsule - April 16, 2013

The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners met Tuesday, April 16. Here’s a brief description of their actions.

Demand for County Services and Resources
The Office of Management and Budget presented the Board with information about the increasing demand for County Services that the County Manager says may have to be addressed in his FY14 Manager’s Recommended Budget as current resources are at or nearing limits on meeting demand. The report says the demand for land development services is the leading indicator that shows the economic recovery is getting stronger. The demand for human services such as Social Services, Provided Services Organization, Community Support Services and Child Support Enforcement is increasing and may increase significantly in the coming year. A record 189,000 people are participating in recreation center activities.


The Board took two actions regarding its action plan to correct the errors made during the 2011 county-wide revaluation. First, the Revaluation Review Committee recommended a slate of candidates for the Board of Equalization and Review, the board that conducts formal appeals of values set by the Assessor’s Office. The Board approved the appointments as follows:

For a one-year term expiring April 15, 2014:

  • Terri Orsi
  • Robert Flowe
  • James Calder
  • Unithia McGruder
  • Lee Robinette

For a two-year term expiring April 16, 2015:

  • Cleve Daniels
  • Jeff Turnbull
  • Rufus Hutchinson
  • J. D. Willoughby
  • Paul Bass

For a three-year term ending April 16, 2016:

  • Bruce Miller
  • Lee Teague
  • Nick Vilford
  • Joel Levy
  • Kathy Davis

Additionally, the Board approved Jeff Turnbull as Chairman of the BER and Joel Levy as Vice-Chair.

The Board also approved a recommendation from the Revaluation Review Committee to simplify the wording of the taxpayer notification about their appeal and process of what happens when a property owner appears before the BER.

School Security
Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools presented a revised plan for increasing security at all CMS schools that is scaled back and less expensive than one presented to the Board previously. CMS proposes spending $19.3 million for badge access for everyone entering every school, cameras and bi-directional amplifiers to assist two-way communication throughout school buildings. The request will be considered by the Board in its capital budget later this year.

CPCC Capital Needs
Central Piedmont Community College presented the Board with a growth plan that includes capital expenditures in excess of $430 million. High on the list of CPCC’s needs is money to purchase land for expansion at existing campuses and new campuses, construction of additional school facilities at all existing campuses and additional parking facilities. CPCC expects continued growth at about 13 percent to more than 21,000 students by FY17. They say they already are turning students away because of a lack of facilities.

Collaborative Community Plan
The Board agreed to request a grant from Foundation for the Carolinas to study the idea of developing a Collaborative Community plan along with the City of Charlotte and the County towns.

  • A Community Sustainability Plan should describe a community’s vision for its quality of life, building upon existing plans and programs, potentially introduces new plans and programs, strives to break down silos, and sets goals and measures for the community.
  • The plan should consider all aspects of a community that impact quality of life.
  • City and County leadership decided to hire a consultant to conduct a feasibility study

Additional details for these and other actions can be found here.

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