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Standards for PowerPoint Presentations to the BOCC

Revised standards and a template for PowerPoint presentations
to the Board of County Commissioners.

These standards and template have been developed to provide consistency in the visual and content quality of the presentations.

Generally, the preference should be to avoid the use of PowerPoint presentations unless there are visuals (e.g., photographs, maps, graphs, charts) that are needed to communicate key points. However, presenters should ensure the visuals are easy to see and understand as viewed by the Board in person on the dais monitors as well as by viewers watching the meeting on TV or online. Presentations primarily featuring only words are discouraged because they often do not add value to the presentation. PowerPoint presentations used only as handouts are acceptable but also should use the template and conform to the attached standards.

The standards and template also apply to presentations provided to the Board at workshops and other meetings that are not televised or available online.

Thank you,

John McGillicuddy, General Manager

PowerPoint Guidelines for Presentations
Made to the Board of County Commissioners

Effective July 1, 2011

The Public Information Department (PI) is responsible for approving all Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations made to the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners. To make the presentations as effective as possible, PI requires that County departments and agencies use the following standards (based on best practices) when creating presentations.

  • Use the PowerPoint Template 
  • Use Calibri font for all text, both the slide header and body
  • Use font size 44 pt for headers (or the size closest to 44 pt)
  • Use font size greater than 24 pt for body text (32 point font is preferred)
  • Limit presentation to ten slides or less
  • Use fewer than five bullet points per slide
  • Use fewer than six words per line or bullet point
  • Graphics such as pictures and logos are allowed within the described format
  • Maps and other graphics with fine detail should not be included in the
  • PowerPoint. Those should be distributed to the board via hard copy
  • Charts and graphs should be kept as simple as possible for easy viewing and understanding. Limit the number of rows and columns to six.
  • Submit presentation to PI no later than the Friday prior to the Board Meeting so that the slide deck can be reviewed for compliance with these standards. PI will respond either by approving the presentation or providing feedback for changes. PI is not responsible for making necessary changes.

    Therefore, it is highly advisable that the presentation be submitted to PI at least one week prior to the meeting to leave ample time for making necessary changes and resubmitting to PI for approval.

    Requests for variations from these standards should be made to PI at least one week prior to the Board meeting.

Once the presentation is finalized and approved by PI, PI will email the approved presentation to the Agenda email account and to the appropriate staff for displaying the presentation during the meeting. 

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