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Per policy of the Mecklenburg County Board of Co​mmissioners, the Board may maintain standing committees as determined by a majority vote of the Board. The Board may also establish non-standing (“ad-hoc”) committees as determined by a majority vote of the Board. Each committee includes 4 Commissioners, with one member serving as the Chair of the Committee. Members of each committee are appointed by the Chairman.

The Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners currently has three standing committees, the Health and Human Services Committee, Economic Development Committee, and the Intergovernmental Relations Committee and two ad-hoc committees, the Performance Review Committee (formerly the Compensation Committee) and the Audit Review Committee

The Health and Human Services Committee is responsible for making recommendations to improve the health and well being of Mecklenburg County residents with emphasis on children, seniors and families. The committee meets the third Tuesday of the month at 3:00p.m. Committee Chair: Dumont Clarke; Committee Members: Vilma Leake, Karen Bentley, Pat Cotham; Staff Support: Michelle Lancaster

The Economic Development Committee is responsible for making recommendations that contribute to business and job growth in Mecklenburg County. The committee meets the first Tuesday of each month from 3:30p.m. to 5:00p.m. Committee Chair: Matthew Ridenhour; Committee Members: Trevor Fuller, Karen Bentley, George Dunlap; Staff Support: Leslie Johnson

The Intergovernmental Committee is responsible for helping to coordinate the intergovernmental relations between and among Mecklenburg County and all of the governing bodies operating within the County at the federal, state, and local levels. The committee meets the fourth Tuesday of each month from 1:45p.m. to 2:45p.m. Committee Chair: Dumont Clarke; Committee Members: Vilma Leake, Kim Ratliff, Karen Bentley; Staff Support: Dena Diorio and Chris Peek

The Performance Review Committee is responsible for reviewing the performance of the County Manager. The committee will meet after the County Manager presents the work plans for herself and her teams. Committee Chair: Vilma Leake; Committee Members: Dumont Clarke, Bill James, Matthew Ridenhour; Staff Support: Chris Peek

The Audit Review Committee is responsible for reviewing and evaluating proposals from all firms that express an interest and make a recommendation for selection to the Board of County Commissioners. Committee Chair: Kim Ratliff; Committee Members: Bill James, Pat Cotham, Matthew Ridenhour; Public Member: Richard Harris; Staff Support: Wanda Reeves

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