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To receive a replacement voter card, simply Email Us! Please provide your full name and current address and a replacement card will be mailed.

  • If you have moved, your address will need to be updated before a card can be mailed.  To update your address, we will need a new voter registration application.  The form can be found here.  Please print, sign and return to our offices.  If currently registered in Mecklenburg County the form can be faxed or scanned and emailed. 

Did you receive a voter card for a VOTER WHO DOES NOT LIVE AT YOUR ADDRESS?
PLEASE WRITE ON THE MAILING "NOT AT THIS ADDRESS," DRAW A LINE THROUGH THE BARCODE UNDER THE ADDRESS AND PLACE BACK IN YOUR MAILBOX. No postage is necessary.   *In order for us to remove the voter from your address, we need their signature OR 2 pieces of returned mailed. 


Thank you for helping ensure we have accurate voter registration lists.


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