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Mapping and Project Services
Currently, Mecklenburg County maintains a database of over 300,000 tax records  that comprise 528 square miles of land. The Land Records Management Division was formed to create, maintain, and disseminate Mecklenburg County's geographic information to support both internal and external land planning and management efforts.  Originally designed to supply  the public with accurate base mapping, our geographic information system (GIS)  has since evolved into  the Mecklenburg County's main source for tax parcel mapping, digital aerial photography, topographic/DTM information, planimetric base mapping, City/County street addressing, survey information and numerous other location-based information and support services. The Land Records Management Division has been charged with creating and maintaining this valuable data resource in support of Mecklenburg County's GIS.  The primary focus of our division has been to centralize data creation , maintenance, and dissemination and provide custom mapping services.  Today, GIS plays a vital role in delivering information more effectively and efficiently to Mecklenburg County's citizens.

Services Provided
Mapping and Project Services provides services to both the public and various local government departments and agencies. Areas of responsibility include:

  • Maintain Mecklenburg County's tax parcel data and ownership information.
  • Maintain the County's GIS Base Mapping.
  • Provide Custom Mapping and Analysis
  • City/County Addressing Services.
  • GIS Data Dissemination.


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