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Mecklenburg County GIS Wins 2014 Achievement Award

The National Association of Counties (NACo) is pleased to grant Mecklenburg County a 2014 Achievement Award for its program titled “Property Ownership Land Records Information System (POLARIS 3G) - A Third Generation System” in the category of Information Technology. Congratulations to everyone involved, who were able to help develop this innovative program! Your hard work will yield positive results for Mecklenburg County. 

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Mecklenburg County Capital Improvements Map

This simple mapping application shows Capital Improvement Project details for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Libraries, Mecklenburg County Government facilities, and County Park and Recreation Assets. To get around on the map enter an address to zoom to that area of interest. Other data layers can be turned on and off from the map layers list. Enjoy!

The Board of County Commissioners has approved the projects and funding for FY14 and FY15 projects. All projects have been approved for FY16-18, but the BOCC has not approved the funding for those years. The Board of County Commissioners will be presented each FY for funding as the appropriate fiscal year approaches.

* Web browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer version 10 and above are recommended for the best experience.

Quality of Life Dashboard 

The Quality of Life Dashboard is designed to help assess the health of neighborhoods in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.  The 2012 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Quality of Life Study, a collection of social, crime, physical, economic and environmental conditions provides a snapshot of the health of our neighborhoods. The study is commonly used by residents, service providers, government agencies, real estate agents, and universities to help understand the dynamics of our neighborhoods. The study data also helps organizations develop programs and determine service delivery strategies to Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents. 


Mecklenburg County Open Mapping

Mecklenburg County believes in the ingenuity of its citizens and the power of open data and open source software to bring that ingenuity to life. Opening public data and releasing open source software enhances government transparency and encourages public participation and collaboration.  By providing access to open data, Mecklenburg County empowers its citizens to create innovative tools and applications.

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SiteOne - GIS Economic Development Mapping System

SiteOneMecklenburg County GIS in partnership with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has developed a new and improved GIS Economic Development Mapping System called “SiteOne. It was developed primarily as a location analysis tool for national businesses of interest. It contains a wealth of geospatial information to help them consider relocating their business to Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina. This interactive mapping system also provides local businesses an invaluable tool for expansion and relocation.

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GeoPortalBuilt entirely using free and open source software, GeoPortal is your online gateway to a wealth of geographic information. Data from over a dozen different agencies is integrated in a fast, easy to use web site, and it is expanding with new information and capabilities at a breakneck pace. GeoPortal should be the first stop for all of your data needs. Please be sure to check out our video tutorial, and if you're a software engineer, we also share the source code!

Did you know GeoPortal works on Android/iPad/iPhone? 
Coming soon: improved scaling for small devices, GPS, more! 

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