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Custom Map Requests
Our professional staff can produce a map that meets your particular needs. Custom mapping services allows you to:
  • Choose the data layers you want
  • Determine the scale and area
  • Add titles and labeling
  • Define the page size and layout

We have many data layers available to choose from. Contact our staff to set up a free consultation to help you understand which options will work the best for your particular map project. 

NOTE: Certain map requests involve the creation of new data or the modification to existing data which carries a GIS project fee, billed at an hourly rate.

Hourly Fee:

  • $40.00 per hour
  • $10.00 per 1/4 hour
In addition to the hourly project fee, a printing fee will be charged if a hard-copy map is requested. The following fees are assessed on a per-map basis:
Plotting Fees

SIZE               MYLAR              BOND
11x17             $10.00                 $5.00
24x36             $20.00               $10.00
34x44             $20.00               $10.00
All Street maps (4 sections) $10.00each section. $40.00 for complete assembly.
All maps can be dry-mounted onto premium foam board for an additional charge of $10.00 (per E-size sheet).
All maps can be laminated for an additional charge of $15.00 (per E-size sheet).
For more information about custom map requests, please contact the following staff:
Jamie Metz
Phone: (704) 336-3850
Scott Black
Phone: (704) 336-5480


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