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Do You Have Any of These Risks in Your Home?

Potential Problems:

  • A furnace that runs constantly or is unable to heat the house
  • Soot, especially on appliances
  • Loose, damaged or discolored chimney
  • Unfamiliar or burning odor
  • Yellow or orange flame in a gas appliance. However, contrary to popular belief, Carbon Monoxide can, and often is, produced from a blue-burning flame.
  • Loose or missing furnace panel and vent

Small Gasoline-Powered Engines & Tools

Hundreds of people performing many different tasks have been poisoned because small gasoline-powered engines and tools produced toxic levels of CO – even in relatively open buildings. These poisonings can occur quickly, even in the presence of what many would consider "adequate ventilation."

Fireplace and Exhaust Equipment Operation

It is common practice of many people to close bedroom doors at night.  If the fireplace has been used during the evening, it is not recommended that your bedroom doors be closed for extended periods of time.  The longer the fire is left to smolder, the weaker becomes its ability to have all its combustion gases go up the chimney.  Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that is at its highest production during the smoldering stages of a fire.  If your doors are to be closed for extended periods, the smoldering fire should be removed from the fireplace.

Garage With Gas Heater 

Gas Heater in a Garage.

Note electrical outlets located close by.

Baby and Gas Dryer 

Baby in Dryer Room (Gas Dryer)

This is probably not the best place to leave a baby for extended periods of time.

Gas Stove 

Gas Stove

Gas stoves are perfectly safe if maintained regularly. The supplier offers this service with the contract.

Porch and Gas Vent 

Gas Vent on  Porch

The window leads to the infant room. This family may wish to place an alarm in the infant room.

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