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Types of CO Alarms
There are three basic types of CO sensors metal oxide, biomimetic and electrochemical. Each is discussed in the list below. Note that while there may be performance differences between these technologies, all detectors are tested and approved for their operation.

Type How It Works Features
Biomimetic Gel coated discs darken in the presence of CO. Color change sounds an alarm. Less expensive technology. Can be battery operated.
Electrochemical Chemical reaction with CO creates an electrical current, setting off an alarm. Highly sensitive and accurate readings at all CO levels. Most units come with a continuous digital readout and a memory feature that allows you to check past CO levels. Fast reset time.
Metal Oxide Semi-conductor The original technology for detecting CO. Heated tin oxide reacts with CO to determine the levels of the toxic gas. Must connect to house power. No need to remember to check the batteries as the unit plugs in. Battery backup is available for up to 20 hours.

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