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Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulation

Considering a Carbon Monoxide Ordinance in your area?  Here are a few suggestions

  • Collect as many regulations from other municipalities as possible 
  • Talk with representatives from the municipalities about the regulations
  • Bring the stakeholders together:  Will increase the chance of  passage if  they  support it.  They will bring new issues and concerns to the table impacting them directly (ex. Apartment buildings and leases with respect to regulation implementation dates)
  • Be careful not to base the regulation on previous experience only (had never experienced a major ice storm  prior to implementation)
  • Professional publicity contributes to the success of a regulation (early education, media involvement, etc.)
  • Make sure that any proposed alarm requirements do not conflict with building code requirements (some states could interpret alarm installation as falling under building code authority and may challenge it)
  • Consider a requirement that real estate transactions, i.e., re-sales, refinancing, act. include verifying that an alarm is present prior to closing.

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