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 Current Plumbing Code Interpretations

Current Plumbing Code Interpretations
Acid Waste Neutralizer.pdf7Acid Waste Neutralizer
Alternative for drinking fountains.pdf4Alternative for drinking fountains
Approved Oil Separators  2002.pdf10Approved Oil Separators 2002
BackFlow Enclosures.pdf6BackFlow Enclosures
CharlotteRainfallCharts2008.pdfSelect one:CharlotteRainfallCharts2008
DishwasherAbsentonFinal.pdfSelect one:DishwasherAbsentonFinal
Elevator Drainage.pdf7Elevator Drainage
Lint Interceptor.pdf10Lint Interceptor
Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer.pdfSelect one:Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer
NCDENRApproach.pdfSelect one:NCDENRApproach
PAlternative Method for Ridgid Pro Press.pdf6PAlternative Method for Ridgid Pro Press
Park requirements.pdf4Park requirements
Plan Review Required.pdf3Plan Review Required
Plumbing Shell Policy.pdfSelect one:Plumbing Shell Policy
Plumbing Shell with Core Policy.pdfSelect one:Plumbing Shell with Core Policy
PlumbingQA.pdfSelect one:PlumbingQA
Primer Alternative Method.pdf7Primer Alternative Method
PWC Rough policy.pdfSelect one:PWC Rough policy
Temporary Facilities.pdfSelect one:Temporary Facilities
Thermal Expansion Control.pdf6Thermal Expansion Control
Tub Overflow Offsets.pdfSelect one:Tub Overflow Offsets
Unheated Space.pdf4Unheated Space

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