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Electrical Defect Codes
01 Passed 46 Improper Boxes for Use 
02 Failed 47  Boxes Not Cut In 
03 Inaccessible 48  Support Boxes Properly 
04 Job not Ready 49  Boxes Not Grounded 
05 Too Many to List 50  Boxes Damaged 
06 Defects Not Corrected 51  Sheath Not in Box or Connector 
07 Need Qualified Individual to Call 52 General Use Receptacle Spacing 
08 Service 53  Kitchen Counter Top Receptacle Spacing 
09 Grounding 54  Recpt. Not Equally Divided on Small Appliance Circuit 
10 Bonding 55  GFCI Defect General 
11 Incorrect Size or Type Wire 56  GFCI Kitchen 
12  Equipment Securely Mounted  57 GFCI Bathroom 
13  Identify Conductors 58 No Recpt. Adjacent to Basin 
14  Circuit Overloaded  59  No Continuity on Receptacle 
15  Grouping of Mains  60  Device Loose in Box 
16  Multiwire Circuits on Same Phase  61  Reverse Polarity on Recpt. 
17  Loose Connections  62 Need Extension Rings 
18  Isolate Neutral in Sub Pnl  63  Ground Switch 
19  Label Panel  64 Devices not Installed 
20 Panel Blanks  65  AFCI Defect 
21  Need KO Stopper  66  Fixture not Installed 
22  Covers Missing  67  Fixture Location 
23  Troughs Overloaded  68  Recessed Fixtures not Wired 
24  Secure Backfed Breakers  69  Recessed Fixtures in Contact with Combustible Material 
25  Improper Overcurrent Prot  70  Support Light Fixtures 
26  Inter Mixing Diff Class Circ  71  Closet Fixture Clearance 
27  Clearances-Article 110-26  72  Fixture not Grounded 
28 Separation Parallel Conduits  73  Install Smoke Detector(s) 
29  Make Joints on Multi Wire Branch Circuit  74  Smoke Detector Location 
30  Improper Wiring Method 75  Interlock Smoke Detectors 
31 Cable Subject to Damage  76  Smoke Detector not Arc Fault 
32 Support Cables  77  Install Blank Plate 
33 Cables Damaged  78  No Disconnect on Equipment 
34  Loose Joints  79  Equipment Not Wired 
35 Free Conductor at Outlet Box  80  Need dedicated circuit to Equipment 
36  Support Raceways  81  Line and Load Reversed 
37  Need Stud Guards  82  Incorrect Wiring to Equip. 
38 Cable Stapled too Close to Face of Stud  83  GDO Cord will not reach Receptacle 
39 Raceways Overloaded  84  Cords 
40  Terminate and Remove Unused Wire  85  Incorrect Wiring to Well 
41  Improper Joints or Terminations  86  Incorrect Wiring to Sewer 
42  Remove Temporary Wiring  87  Identify Disconnect 
43  Circuit Shorted Out  88  Support of Pole 
44  Ditches Not Deep Enough  89  Height of Pole 
45 Boxes Overloaded  90  Ground Rod 
W0 Wrong address on Permit X5 No Permit for work being done
W1 Change of Contractor X6 Job not Installed per Plans
W2 All Trades not Complete X7 Permitted work occupied prior to CO
W3 Insp. Requested by other than Elect. Contr. X8 Power turned on prior to Inspection
W4 Inspection Sticker Removed X9 Need ladder on Job
W5 Insulated Prior to Inspection Y1  Job not lockable 
W6 Covered prior to Inspection  Y2  Framing added, wire not protected
W7 Ditches covered prior to Inspection Y3  Equipment Damaged
W8  Defect caused by Others  Y4 Broken Boxes 
W9  Improper use of Equipment  Y5 Wiring Damaged 
X0 Approved Plan Error  Y6 Wiring Removed 
X1 Display Permit  Y7 Whirlpool Access 
X2 Display Address  Y8 Job exceeds Contractor's License 
X3 Display Suite Number  Z1 Defect caused by Owner's Equipment 
X4 No approved plans on Job  Z2 No 3rd Party Label 

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