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Temporary Utility Services

Temporary Utilities graphic

(*) With "Final" electrical inspection, a (TCO) must be obtained in order to get utilities.
(**) Multiple Permits MAY need equal Inspection Status.
(#) Temporary Heat ONLY, prior to TCO/Final Inspection of all permits, is available for residential use structures (i.e., apartments, condominiums, townhomes, duplexes and single family homes, etc.) from October 1 thru March 31. All other appliances/devices shall be disconnected during "Temp Heat". Temp Heat for commercial structures other than residential use available year round. Gas for Code required testing available on a case by case basis.

Note: Application for temporary utilities will be accepted ONLY after the requirements for temporary power or temporary heat have been met.

(Electric, Gas, or Both)

Applications for temporary power and/or heat will not be accepted until the permit has been approved for temporary power and/or heat and all the required signatures of the sub-contractors have been obtained.

**** If the Electrical/Mechanical permit is finaled, you CANNOT get temporary utilities (affected permit). You must get temporary occupancy to obtain utility services ****

The signatures of ALL sub-contractors listed on the permit list of that job are required on the application form.  The permit(s) must be approved by the electrical inspector for temp power (TP). The electrical contractor must make the request for inspection with the Inspections Division.  If the electrical permit is finaled, the customer must apply for temp. occupancy to get power.

If only GAS service is requested, the only sub-contractor signature required on the application will be that of the Mechanical Contractor. The permit(s) must be approved by the mechanical inspector for temporary heat (TH). The mechanical contractor must make a request for inspection (TH) with the Inspections Division before TCO or CO phase. The electrical permit must be approved for temporary power or temporary occupancy.

There will be a $65.00 charge for each utility service requested for each job location.

RESIDENTIAL "USE" STRUCTURES (single family home, duplex, apartments, condominiums & townhomes): Temporary power and temporary heat service for residences will only be granted from October 1 through March 31 with a temporary power and/or temporary gas (heat) inspection approval.

Residential temporary power and/or heat is granted for a period of 30 days. Renewals, if approved, will be for 30 days.

COMMERCIAL "USE" STRUCTURES (NO RESIDENTIAL USE):  Temporary power and temporary  heat available year round with TP and TH inspections. Temporary gas for code required equipment inspection on a case by case basis.

Commercial temporary power/gas is granted for a period of 90 days. Renewals, if approved, will be for 30 days.

(Power & Gas (TH) )

Completed application must be submitted to the Documents & Inspections Division AFTER the inspector has approved the permit for temporary service.


  • Building shall be secure and capable of being locked from unauthorized entry (door, windows, other entrances, etc.)
  • All rooms containing service, feeder, and branch circuit panels must be capable of being locked. If rooms are NOT capable of being locked, all such panel(s) must be installed with all covers in place.
  • Water pipe systems must be connected to the provided utility system (if applicable).
  • All wiring to be energized must be free from any hazard that may arise due to its use.
  • Before any wiring system can be energized, it must be in full compliance with the N. C. State Code, Administrative section, Article 10.8.

TEMPORARY HEAT: (TH) (Gas/Electric)

  • Set Unit
  • Vented (gas)
  • Gas Piped (gas)
  • Provided with proper combustion air (if required)
  • Provided with proper gas test (gas)
  • Cap or plug all gas pipe outlets not connected to furnace (residential)/equipment (commercial) (gas)
  • Complete duct system
  • Provide air filter
  • Secure structure (lockable doors/windows)

NOTE: All installations must comply with the N. C. State Codes and Manufacturers' Instructions.


Electrical: Call  Joe Weathers - (704) 336-5379.

Mechanical/Plumbing:  Tommy Rowland - (704) 336-4301.

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