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Code Enforcement Forms


Online Forms   

Code Consistency:

Code Interpretation Request Forms:
Account Information Changes:


Download and Print These Forms:

Address Change Authorization

Address Verification Form

Appeals Formal   

Appendix B - 2012 (PDF) *Please note this Appendix B has been modified from the originial NCSBC Appendix B in order to include specialized information needed in Mecklenburg County

Appendix B - 2012 (Word format) *Please note this Appendix B has been modified from the originial NCSBC Appendix B in order to include specialized information needed in Mecklenburg County 

Builders Certificate Sample   
Building Permit Application 
 > Residential Plot Plan
Cash Bond Refund Form   
Certification of Work Performed Without Mecklenburg County Inspection (Word doc)
Change Of Contractor Form

City of Charlotte Zoning Forms
Zoning Review Announcement
Zoning Supplemental Application - Cover Page 1
Zoning Supplemental Application - Height Elevations Page 2
Zoning Supplemental Application - Plot Plan Page 3

Complaint - Investigation Form
Compliance Notice For Erosion Control
Covered Electrical Work - Appeal Form 
Credit - Cancellation Form 
CTAC Plan Submittal Form

Demo Packet (required forms)
• Demolition Application for Building Permit  
EHS Pest Management Questionnaire  
Neshap Questionnaire 
Neshap Application 
Neshap Instructions     

Day Care Plan Review Application
Electrical Permit Application
Engineering Judgment Submittal Form  (Word Doc)
    NC Board Approval Letter
Express Plan Review Application 
Gatekeeping Checklist for Commercial Permitting and Plan Review
Hazardous Materials Application
Homeowner permit Application Certificate of Ownership
Hood Performance Self Certification Worksheet 
Instructions for Completing Bond Form
Land Use Bond Form
Land Use Cash Bond Form

Liability Waiver for LP Gas Utility Installers   
Limited Conditional Power (LCP) Application Form
Limited Conditional Power (LCP) Connect Request Form
Master Plan Summary Sheet
Mechanical Equipment Declaration Form
Mechanical Permit Application
North Carolina Modular Building Set-Up Contractor License Bond Form
OneTwo Family Subgrade Verification Form
OnSchedule Review Application 
Owner's Affidavit
Plumbing Permit Application
Pre-Inspection Form
Preliminary Review Form
Refrigerant Form
Residential Plot Plan

Residential Plot Plan for Internet Permit Applications (these forms are automatically generated by the Internet Permitting System)

Roof Certification Letter 
Sign Permit Application
 - For Example Only - Original Application Forms Must be Submitted


Special Inspections forms

Special Inspections Scope
Statement of Special Inspections

Schedule of Special Inspections

Pre-Construction Meeting Checklist

DPIRC Letter 

Stucco Finish Compliance Statement
Subgrade Verification Form (Word doc) 

Temporary Utility Services 

Townhouse Permitting Data Sheet
Townhouse Project Data Sheet  
Zoning Administration Application Packet - Appeals, Variances, Deviations Zoning Use Permit Application



Archived Forms (These forms are no longer in use. They are retained for historical purposes only.)

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