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Homeowner Internet Permit Process

  • All residential projects less than $30,000 when a “Homeowner serves as the Contractor” will allow the homeowner to submit a building permit application on-line as follows:
    • Building projects, such as interior renovations or structural repair, not requiring a plan review or a zoning assessment, and no Town/City/Agency permit hold, will be issued a permit directly upon receipt of payment.  Customer will be able to process credit card payments or E-Check on-line, and also print a building placard to post at the residence for inspection purposes.
    • For all other Homeowner submittals not issued directly, upon release of all Town/City or Agency permit holds, and upon approval of Town/City Planning or Zoning ordinances, and upon approval from a LUESA Code Enforcement plan review; then the Homeowner will be granted a building permit.  After approval, the homeowner will be able to issue their permits on-line directly upon receipt of payment without staff intervention.
  • Homeowners will have their own on-line dashboard similar to the contractor’s dashboard where they can track their projects, make credit card or E-Check payments, issue permits, print placards, and request inspections under a secure sign-in.
  • Note1: Residential projects costing $30,000 or more require that the Homeowner establish a bond account – surety or cash bond posted thru Mecklenburg County.  Homeowners with a bond account are exempt from this workflow.

The permit, plan review and inspection fee charges shall be as follows:

  • Base Permit Fee: $60.00 per BEMP trade involved in work.
  • Plan Review Fee (if required): $45.00 per BEMP trade involved in work.
  • Inspections Fee: $45.00 per trip (inspection duration on site limited to 30 minutes).

Workflow Detail (How do I do this?):

  • Home owners can apply for a permit online (or apply for it in person at the town or county office). There are several steps in getting a home owner permit online:
    1. Creation of Homeowner ID by the Homeowner from Homeowner Toolbox in order to pay for their permits, schedule inspections, and to track the progress of their project if plan review, zoning assessment, or holds are involved
    2. Completing the online application form by the Homeowner from the Homeowner Toolbox.
  • Homeowner completes the building application by first selecting the Homeowner’s address for the project, and completing the Terms and Conditions page and the “Trade Sub-contractors” page.  The Homeowner selects options to perform trade work himself or to hire sub-contractors for each trade. Homeowner completes form to indicate the scope of the project (what is being done on the property), and then the computer system will determine whether or not a plan review is required (building code), or if a zoning assessment is needed (such as maximum built upon area in a SWIM buffer), or if there are permit holds (such as a Floodplain hold).
  • After sign-in Homeowners will see “My Permits” and will use this page to track their projects when plan review, zoning, or holds are needed.  Homeowners can track their project and pay for it when it is ready.  Homeowner dashboard will inform the Homeowner when a project is ready to permit, as well as sending an e-mail alert that the project is ready for permitting.  Customer is shown the amount of the permit fee, and must accept the proposed permit fee before payment is submitted.
  • The Homeowner ID is also used to schedule inspections for permits. 
  • Homeowner can also upload supporting document types such as Plot Drawings with the submitted Bldg application, and jurisdiction zoning staff will be able to view these document types.
Ready to get started?
Click here to visit the Homeowner Internet Permitting System.



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