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Inspection by Appointment Program Overview

1.  The inspector positions will be dedicated "Inspection by Appointment Code  Enforcement Officials."
2.  All inspections will be scheduled within a two-hour block of time. The available times are:

      •   8 AM - 10 AM (block 1)
      • 10 AM - 12 PM (block 2)
      •   1 PM - 3 PM  (block 3)
      •   3 PM - 5 PM  (block4)

Travel time is factored into each two-hour block (i.e., a two-hour block consists of a 90 minute inspection time with a 30 minute travel allowance; an 8:00-10:00 AM block will receive an 8:00-9:30 AM inspection with a 9:30-10:00 AM travel time allowance). Scheduling four blocks constitutes an entire day. Any portion of another block used will be charged, as appropriate.
3.  A customer may request additional time, if it is available. The customer will be billed accordingly for additional time at the program rate in two-hour increments.
4.  IBA inspectors will work inside each inspection core process. They are Building, Electrical, Building/Electrical or Plumbing/Mechanical.
5.  The Department may use a Field Inspector for continuity-critical inspections instead of the IBA inspector. The IBA inspector will perform inspections as needed by the department.
6.  IBA Inspectors will be available to make "Inspections by Appointment" directly on any non-continuity-critical inspections.
7.  The intent of the IBA program is to perform code compliant inspections, not to be used for quality control or quality assurance purposes.
8.  Customers wishing to have multi trade inspections must schedule a minimum of 1 block for each trade to be inspected.


1.  Program Coordinator is the program point person.
2.  The IBA inspection is performed as scheduled, with the results entered at the end of the inspection block. Electronic results may be viewed at
3.  Approval of phased or partial work areas must be documented on the approved permitted construction documents. 
4.  The scope of work to be inspected must be complete and ready prior to the time of inspection. If work is still in progress, the inspector shall remain on site for the requested time block, and shall only begin the inspection if work is completed within the scheduled time block and time is available.
5.  As time allows, the inspector will conduct the inspection and present the contractor with the results. Any corrections made may be re-inspected prior to the end of the scheduled time block.
6.  If travel conditions cause the inspector to be 5 to 15 minutes late, the inspector will advise the assigned owner/contact person. If the inspector is more than 15 minutes late, the coordinator will help coordinate the inspector's service schedule for the day.
7.  If the reserved time block is not sufficient to complete the inspection, the contractor may request the IBA inspector to add an additional block of time to extend the inspection; this is subject to availability.
8.  Once the resource limit is committed, no other program inspections will be available that day.
9.  IBA requests must be made prior to 7:00 AM to schedule an inspection for the next business day; inspections requested after 7:00 AM will default to the day after the next business day (i.e., requests made at 6:45 AM on Monday can schedule an inspection for Tuesday or later; a request made at 7:15 AM on Monday can only schedule an inspection for Wednesday or later). This excludes weekends and holidays.


1.  Only contractors with active accounts with Mecklenburg County are eligible.
2.  Charges are based on the number of time blocks scheduled and are automatically charged to the contractor's account at the time of request.
3.  No credits will be given for unused portions of any scheduled or requested block of time.
4.  The rate is $230 per each time block (fee includes travel time, coordinator cost, miscellaneous support, Department overhead, etc.).
5.  A completed  cancellation form must be received by the coordinator (via fax or electronically) 72 hours prior to the inspection to be eligible for a partial refund of 90%.
6.  If the cancellation form is received within 72 hours of the scheduled inspection, no refund will be given.



1.  County approved construction documents, including any revisions and critical documentation (i.e., sealed truss drawings, engineering letters, and test reports), must be on site for the duration of the inspection.
2.  A qualified representative of the contractor shall be on site at the time of inspection. The inspection will not commence until this individual arrives on site.
3.  The inspection request is for a specific block of time on a specific project and cannot be used on other project sites.
4.  Special Inspection projects must have Special Inspection documentation finalized prior to scheduling an IBA final inspection.
5.  Acceptance of the payment/credit policy confirms the inspection unless the inspection is deemed continuity critical and conflicts with the Field Inspector's schedule. In this case, the coordinator will contact the customer immediately with available options.

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