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Project Permit Master Plan Definitions



Mega projects are those identified as unusually large or complex in nature.  Examples of these projects can be found listed in Section Table 502 of the North Carolina Administration and Enforcement Requirements Code which include but are not limited to:

    •     High Rise
    •     Large Schools
    •     Malls
    •     Large Mix Use Project
    •     Airports
    •     Stadiums
    •     Waste Water Treatment Plants
    •     Arenas


  • Any high rise project (building with height at or above 75 feet above Fire Department access, as defined by the Building Code);

  •  Any assembly project with a  gross square foot area of 100,000sf or larger;

  •  Any mixed-use project with a gross square foot area of 200,000sf or larger;

  •  Any commercial or industrial project with a gross square foot area of 300,000sf or larger;

  •  Any institutional project with two smoke compartments or a gross square foot area of 50,000sf or larger;

  •  Other projects of similar size or complexity, requiring staff resources comparable to the above, as determined by the Director or his designee.


Preliminary Master Plan
An organization chart which breaks down the phases of construction and permitting requirements for a mega project. The organization is arranged to reflect the parent/child relationships which exist between sub-projects. The purpose of the Preliminary Master Plan is to show the sequence of occupancy for the project.

Master Plan Hierarchy
A hierarchy chart found on which shows the individual projects, as permitted. The hierarchy is arranged to reflect the parent/child relationships which exist between sub-projects and is updated automatically as inspections are performed. The purpose of the Master Plan Hierarchy is to provide a snapshot of the entire project and assist contractors in tracking the progress of inspections.

Project Permit Master Plan Information Packet
An Information Packet that explains the Project Permit Master Plan program, provides instructions for establishing a Master Plan and for using the program on The Information Packet also includes the sample templates and the Master Plan Agreement form. The Information Packet is provided to the design team when an OnSchedule Application for a mega project is received.

Preliminary Review Meeting
A meeting with Plans Examiners to discuss code concerns prior to submitting plans. For purposes of the Master Plan, this meeting is the forum in which the design team describes their intentions for the occupancy sequence. This is a crucial step that designates how to permit the entire project in order to realize these intentions. From information gathered at the meeting, a Preliminary Master Plan will be created.



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