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How Project Permit Master Plan Works

1.  The OnSchedule Coordinator will receive the OnSchedule Application. At this time he/she will determine if the project will be classified as a mega project. If so, the person of contact on the application will be provided with a Project Permit Master Plan Information Packet.  (Clicking this link will download the PDF packet.)

2.  The packet explains the Master Plan program and provides several sample templates of Master Plans.

3.  The design team should review the templates and determine which template most accurately describes their project. The template will be customized to reflect the individuality of your project.

4.  At the preliminary meeting, the design team should be ready to commit to the sequence of occupancy so that pertinent issues can be discussed and addressed with Code Officials. Such issues include life safety measures and code requirements for occupying portions of a building.

5.  Following the preliminary meeting, the Master Plan Coordinator will submit a Preliminary Master Plan to the design team.

A Preliminary Master Plan can also be submitted by the design team on The Master Plan Coordinator will receive the proposed Master Plan electronically and contact the design team for approval or revision. Instructions for submitting your own Preliminary Master Plan can be found in the Information Packet.

6.  The design team will review the Preliminary Master Plan and contact the Master Plan Coordinator to discuss any changes necessary. This process will continue until a Preliminary Master Plan has been accepted.

7.  The design team signs and returns the Master Plan Agreement.

8. When submitting plans to the Gatekeeper or Coordinator for review, the design team will include a copy of the approved Preliminary Master Plan.  Shell Plans will not be scheduled for review time without an approved Preliminary Master Plan.

9.  After the project has successfully completed plan review, permits will be issued according to the Master Plan. The design team is responsible for notifying the General Contractor of the Master Plan and the fees associated with changing the Master Plan. The General Contractor will be required to sign the agreement when permits are issued.

10. The Master Plan will then be available for the general contractor on as a reference tool to aid in tracking the project and obtaining occupancy. The Master Plan will be automatically updated as inspections are performed.

11. To make changes to a Master Plan, the General Contractor should contact the Master Plan Coordinator. Code Officials will evaluate the changes to determine the need for additional plan review and/or permits. If the Master Plan is altered, charges will be addressed to the General Contractor's account.

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