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Fees Increase


Charlotte, N.C. – In response to a decline in revenue brought about by the struggling economy, Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement is instituting a general permit fee increase of 4.75 percent. This increase goes into effect April 21, 2010.

This change marks the first broad increase in permit fees since 2003.

Mecklenburg County has traditionally had some of the lowest permit fees in the United States. But as Mecklenburg development slowed and thus the demand for plan review and permitting decreased, Code Enforcement has been forced to make reductions in staff and selectively increase fees to ensure that quality customer service and technology initiatives can continue to thrive and move forward.

All renovation/alteration projects, commercial and residential, will be charged $62.85 per trade plus 7 cents per square foot for the building trade and 4 cents per square foot for each of the following trades involved: electrical, mechanical and plumbing. Square foot area means the area of the room or space in which the renovation/alteration occurs.

Commercial projects that don’t require plan review will be charged on a per-trade basis: One trade will cost $62.85, two trades will cost $125.70, etc. Commercial projects that do require plan review will be charged the following on a per-trade basis: One trade will cost $83.80, two trades will cost $167.60, etc.

Single-family detached affordable housing projects are exempt from this fee increase.

Code Enforcement also has revised fees in areas where the cost of service has traditionally exceeded the fees associated with that service. These changes include:

• Increases in fees associated with Commercial Plan Review
• A charge associated with ABC building inspections, which formerly had no cost
• An increase in hazardous material permit fees

For more information on the changes in the permit fee schedule and navigation of the plan review and permitting processes, contact the Residential Technical Assistance Center at 704-432-7822 or the Commercial Technical Assistance Center at 704-336-3829, ext. 4. For more information on the services and technological advances helping to revolutionize customer service, visit Code Enforcement’s Web site.

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