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Charlotte, NC - Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement is in the process of implementing a variety of changes in the LUESA Fee Ordinance. The Department, in conjunction with the Construction Industry task force studied possible changes to the Fee Ordinance, concluding that certain fees are out of line and far below the cost of providing service. Consequently, it is important that we properly align our fees with the cost of servicing our customers. Jon Morris, Chairman of the Building Development Commission stated, "Contractors and customers that are conscientious about their use of resources, are not subsidizing the people who abuse the Department's resources and use it for their quality control process."

Below is a summary of the primary changes that may be of interest to you.

•  Meck-Si
Meck-Si is the paperless special inspection management system used by  our commercial customers for projects that require special inspections. The Meck-Si registration/renewal fee will be increased from $99.00 to $125.00 annually. The time required for an inspector to attend a special inspection preconstruction meeting will now be charged at $115.00 per hour.

•  Equipment
Any piece of equipment, whether being supplied by the owner or the contractor; valued at $500,000 or greater, will now include 20% of the equipment value added to the total construction cost of the project. (Note, currently this equipment is included in permit construction cost at full value).

•  Multi-Trade (MT) Inspections
When a project requires multiple inspections, the Department will hold all inspection requests in queue until ready. Once all inspection requests have been received, the department will assign a multi-trade inspector to conduct all of the inspections at one time. The contractor will have the option of requesting a single discipline with an added inspection charge.

•  Upfit Auto Cost Calculator
The Department will introduce an auto cost calculator for upfit projects (similar to the renovation project cost calculator). The upfit calculator tool assesses all attributes of the project to include, construction cost, square footage and the trades involved to determine a fair minimum permit cost.

•  Breaking Permitting Projects Apart
Once the permit is issued; should the permit holder request to break the project down in smaller delivery components, the permit holder will be charged by the hour for all related office and field staff work necessary to restructure the project permits.

•  Coordinating Project Submittals
When an owner's team (General Contractor, Architect or Engineer) requires coordination of their project by the County's departmental staff; they will be charged by the hour for all involved office and field staff work.

•  County Fire Marshal Plan Review-Inspection Fees
Revises or introduces various fees to recover cost of service, aligning with current charges by Charlotte Fire Department. See CRWG Final Report for details.

•  Projects with specified inspection counts or limits
The Department will identify certain projects with fee related inspection count limits, with the list posted to The customer will be notified of the limit at permit issuance. Exceeding the inspection count will incur an added charge per inspection.

For a slide show of primary changes that may be of interest to you, select "Summary of LUESA Fee Ordinance Changes" in navigation section of this web page or to see all items reviewed by the task force; view the Cost Recovery Work Group Final Report.

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