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Electronic Plan Review
computer monitor with file folder

The once-necessary chore of lugging multiple rolls of paper and stacks of construction blueprints downtown for Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement review will soon be ending, thanks to an innovative new online permitting system.

Starting January 29, 2012, EPS/EPR (Electronic Plan Submittal and Electronic Plan Review) will be up and running. Customers will be able to schedule their projects for review at Code Enforcement’s Electronic Plan Management system and submit all their plans and drawings online through this system. Users will also be able to schedule and follow their projects, and interact with Code officials, without ever having to set foot in the office.

“Taking plan submittal and review online offers our customers a much greater level of convenience and efficiency, and improves our ability to offer them the best service possible,” said James N. Bartl, director of Code Enforcement.

Code Enforcement will continue to allow customers to choose paper or electronic transaction, but electronic interaction is more efficient and less costly to the department (and more environmentally friendly).

Code officials are encouraging those who have not made the switch to electronic submittal and review to get familiar with the process to avoid the extra fees. Customers who choose to use paper when an electronic medium is available will be charged fees to their permit/project to offset costs.

Customer Support Kiosks will be available on the first floor of the Hal Marshall County Services Center at 700 N. Tryon St. for customers who prefer to submit their applications for permitting while in the Code Enforcement office.

Please visit the Electronic Plans Management page for more information on this process.
two men looking at an construction drawing on a computer monitor

Our team of experienced plans examiners will review the drawings, make comments, and send them to you electronically.
picture of construction drawings stored on racks

Get rid of paper plans.  Submit through Mecklenburg County's Electronic Plan Review system.

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