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Lead Time Chart

A guide - not a guarantee

These charts are a snapshot in time, not a guaranteed performance level.

The following charts are snapshots of OnSchedule booking lead times on the first day of the week noted. These charts are intended to be used as a guide by the design professional in gauging submittal timing and are not a precise predictor of booking lead times or plan review service times. The design professional should also note the following:

  • The chart shows the available times for projects within the related review times. This time does not reflect the time required for processing the application, which is typically 24 hours.
  • The charts are the estimated project submittal lead-times for typical projects in OnSchedule Review, Express Review, and CTAC.
  • The chart values give a general view of lead-times; however, they are estimates and will fluctuate with workloads, and will vary from day to day.
  • Specific project lead time may vary depending on the combination of disciplines involved as well as a request for specific plan review staff.
  • Some project’s complexity is not represented by these charts, such as daycares, megas, schools, and hospitals. Lead times may be established on these by submitting an OnSchedule application.

The Department maintains the following OnSchedule performance goals:

  • Reviews completed on time or early – 90%.
  • OnSchedule booking lead times
    • A goal on small projects of 10-12 work days.
    • A goal on medium to large projects of 15-20 work days.

Lead Time Chart

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