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USDC (U. S. Dept. of Commerce) Codes
Classification  Code Nbr. on Permit  Explanation/Example
New Residential (Housekeeping) 101 Single-family houses, detached
102 Single-family houses, attached
103 Two-family buildings
104 Three- and four-family buildings
105 Five-or-more family buildings
New Residential (Nonhousekeeping) 213 Hotels, motels, and tourist cabins
214 Rooming, Boarding, Fraternity, Sorority houses
New Nonresidential Buildings 318 Amusement, Social, Recreational
319 Churches and other religious buildings
320 Industrial, Factories, Mfg. and Printing Plants
321 Parking Garages
322 Services Stations and Repair Garages
323 Hospitals, Clinics, Rest and Convalescent Homes, Clinics
324 Offices, Banks, Medical Offices
325 Public Works, Utilities, Sewage Disposal, Water Supply
326 Schools, Libraries, Universities, Museums
327 Stores, Restaurants, Malls, Markets, Beauty Shops
328 Other Nonresidential - Sheds, Barns, Post Offices, Jails
329 Parks, Outdoor Stadiums, Marinas
Additions, Alterations, & Conversions 434 Residential
437 Nonresidential
438 Additions of residential garages and carports
Demolitions of Buildings 645-648 Residential
649 All other buildings and structures

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