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We are building a community that does not tolerate domestic violence and stands united to prevent all forms of it.

Our community believes domestic violence is a county-wide, public health phenomenon.  We believe that domestic violence impacts everyone in our community including women, children, teenagers, men, parents, employers, county and city government, non-profit agencies, the healthcare system, educational institutions, law enforcement, faith-based institutions, the criminal justice and court systems, businesses and citizens among many others. 

We define domestic violence as occurring when one person in an intimate relationship attempts to gain coercive power and control over the other by using physical, emotional/verbal, sexual or material force.  This abuse takes place within a system of power and control and is not an isolated incident.

Disease, alcoholism/addiction or intoxication, mental illness or any external person or event does not cause or excuse domestic violence. It is not justified, excusable, provoked, hereditary or accidental.  Domestic violence is a criminal behavior and is a preventable crime.  It is a learned behavior that can be unlearned and replaced with productive, non -violent ways of interacting. Importantly, domestic violence hurts all members in a family and intervention must be available to each family member. 

Partnerships between government, health and human services providers, educational institutions, the private sector and the faith community will bring together people from diverse backgrounds to raise awareness about domestic violence, focus on prevention efforts (primary, secondary and tertiary), and follow the community domestic violence strategic action plan.

Our community will be a model learning community, showcasing our coordinated, comprehensive, culturally competent continuum of services and an innovative domestic violence data collection process.

Our residents will have a greater awareness of domestic violence, the ability to recognize its warning signs, will understand the ramifications of how it impacts our entire community and will have a sense of community ownership of the issue.  Our residents will promote safety within all intimate relationships in our community and will understand how to access domestic violence services.  Survivors of domestic violence will live in a supportive community and batterers will have accessible resources in the community to change their abusive behaviors.   

Our children will receive domestic violence prevention education, based upon our nationally recognized curriculum incorporating best practices, in pre-school, elementary, middle, high school and alternative education settings, allowing our community to prevent future victims and batterers.  Our local universities will assist our community with domestic violence data collection and conduct research contributing to best practices nationally. 

Our employers will establish domestic violence in the workplace policies and trainings regarding the policies to all employees. Our human service, mental health and healthcare agencies will screen all consumers for domestic violence, will employ qualified staff and utilize best-practices.  Our criminal justice, court and law enforcement systems will provide a predictable and consistent domestic violence response and will prioritize victim safety and batterer accountability.  

Overall, our community will work together for long-term solutions that are sustainable and demonstrate significant progress. 

Created by the Domestic Violence Community Leadership (DV CLT) Team, 11/8/07 

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