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PSN Billboard Campaign
   PSN billboard "We're Watching You"
Media outreach has focused on use of billboards to send a strong message to offenders regarding the stiff penalties for illegal gun possession and use. The first generation of billboards were mounted in and around the Parkwood Corridor.
Two themes were used:
     > One will Get you Five to Ten (with picture of a gun)
     > Get Caught with a Gun and Get New Jewelry (picture of golden handcuffs on a bright blue background)

Both contained the PSN logo and the SAFE number : (704) 432-SAFE, a phone line with a voice tree where callers could select from a variety of responses to learn about PSN, find out local events, call in and anonymously report a crime, etc.
A variation of the gun sign was adapted by community members into a poster designed by them and put up at the crime watch rally:
     > If You're Dirty, We'll Clean You Up, with picture of a Gun (One will Get you Five to Ten), and a pair of hands behind bars.

The next generation of billboards are being placed in the extension areas as well as near Parkwood. The theme is Families, and how families are affected at the holidays when a family member is in prison for a gun crime.

PSN billboard "Don't split up the family"


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