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Just Like Dad

My mom couldn't iron my Scout shirt today
'cuz her arm is in a sling.
She made a stupid mistake and
Messed up the checkbook
So, after all, it was her own fault.
I wish she'd learn to do things right
So dad wouldn't have to teach her a lesson.
My dad's a really neat guy.
He coaches pee-wee football
And takes me to the hockey games.
He even came to see me in my school play,
But mom couldn't come.
Dad said if people saw her black eye,
They might not understand
It's for her own good.
The way my dad explains it,
It really does make sense.
After all, he works all day
And pays the bills
While she just sits at home.
He deserves the best.
After all, he's the MAN of the house,
The king of the castle.
She should know better than to burn the roast,
Or say something stupid
Or leave the house without him.
Cuz dad says A woman's place is in the home,
Taking care of us".
I hope that when I get married,
My wife is a perfect cook
And beautiful and smart and never makes mistakes,
So I won't have to hurt her too bad.

Judith M. Curran, Journal of Poetry Therapy
Vol. 2, No. 4, Summer 1989

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