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July 14, 2014

Legislative Update

At times last week, it appeared that the General Assembly was getting close to agreement on a budget. The House and Senate agreed to a funding level for Medicaid, and the Senate dropped its efforts to eliminate teacher tenure. At other times, it appeared that the session might never end. The Governor threatened to veto a Senate proposal, and legislative staff hung wreaths and lights after negotiators suggested that they could stay until Christmas to get the deal that they wanted.  

After the at-times contentious week, it appears that the General Assembly moved closer to a deal, with teacher salaries and lottery funding as the two outstanding “big” issues to be resolved. Most other legislation has been completed, and the passage of the budget will probably be followed shortly after by the sine die (final) adjournment of the General Assembly.
New Badges For All Employees
As part of the myTime project, which will require all employees to “clock in” to work starting in October, we will be issuing new photo badges beginning in August. The change increases building access security and allows employees to use one card to clock in and enter County buildings.
The new badges take about five minutes each to make for employees. County Security teams will schedule multiple card-making sessions starting in mid-August. It is expected to take about three weeks to complete the process.
If you have questions about the new badges, contact Security Coordinator Chad Harris via email.
County Implements Social Media Policy
Mecklenburg County now has a Social Media Policy to govern how County employees, contractors, vendors, consultants or volunteers use social media on behalf of the County, and/or post to about the County on personal social media accounts.
The policy establishes guidelines for appropriate use and helps mitigate the risks associated with using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

The policy was approved on July 1 became effective immediately. It establishes five approved social media networks for hosting official Mecklenburg County social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Meetup and Pinterest. All are managed by the Public Information Department.
Among other things, the Social Media policy states:

• Each department may have a social media account (Facebook or Twitter);
• For each department that has a social media account, a social media content provider in the department must be assigned;
• Public Information will serve as an administrator on all Mecklenburg County social media accounts;
• Use of any social media from Mecklenburg County systems is subject to monitoring.

The policy also states that employees may not attribute personal statements, opinions or beliefs to Mecklenburg County when engaging in personal social media use, and should use common sense when posting to personal social media accounts about topics regarding Mecklenburg County.

If you have questions about the Social Media Policy, contact Web Services Manager Jessica Davis via email.

County Website Redesign Project Moves Forward

After months of cleaning out old links and preparing the current website for an upgrade, the Public Information Web Services Team is beginning the redesign phase of the project.
Over the next two weeks, the Web Services Team and department contributors will meet with web design firm Brightstarr to brainstorm ideas for the new design.
Web Services manager Jessica Davis will also meet with each Commissioner for feedback on design elements and website functionality. Your Board Support representative will schedule the one-on-one meetings within the next 2-3 weeks.
If you have questions about the website redesign project, contact Web Services Manager Jessica Davis via email.


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