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Board Bulletin
June 23, 2014
Legislative Update
On June 19, 2014, Gov. McCrory signed H573 into law. Now known as Session Law 2014-14, this legislation fulfills one of the Board’s legislative agenda items by granting the County greater flexibility in the use of its storm water fee revenues. We are very appreciative of representatives Jeter, Samuelson and Moore, who were primary sponsors of this legislation, as well as Sen. Tarte, who carried the bill on the Senate Floor.
In other Raleigh news, legislators continue to work on reconciling the differences between the House and Senate budget. As soon as we have information about the proposed compromise, we will share it with you.
Independent Review of Code Enforcement Process
As part of the Code Enforcement Customer Service and Process Improvement efforts currently being undertaken, one project, the Independent Review, has reached a significant milestone. The City and County have concluded the vendor selection process and have identified a consultant for the review.
The City and County are jointly planning to contract with Gartner, Inc. The scope of work includes reviewing our respective procedures and processes in development planning and building permitting and inspection, assessing the effectiveness and efficiencies of the systems, and identifying opportunities for improvement that enhances customers service, increases consistency and ensures high-quality, cost-effective service delivery.

The total project will cost $325,000, with the City and County each funding half of the cost.

Selection Process
  • The City and County jointly issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) on March 17, 2014, for a Development Planning, Permitting and Inspection Process Review.
  • In response to the RFQ, four statements of qualifications were received from interested service providers.
  • The Project Team, consisting of staff from both the County & City Manager’s offices, Land Use & Environmental Services, the City’s Land Development Services Division, County Procurement and the City’s Shared Services Procurement Management, evaluated the statements of qualifications, met and received presentations from each entity and selected two qualified service providers to provide price quotes.
  • The Project Team identified Gartner, Inc. as the service provider best meeting the City’s and County’s needs in terms of qualifications, experience, and cost effectiveness. Gartner’s proposed team for this project has significant experience with similar projects, including a recent study for Los Angeles. Gartner’s proposed scope of work demonstrates a high degree of understanding of the City’s and County’s requirements as well as a capacity to apply industry best practices to this review.

An update on all Code Enforcement improvement projects will be provided at the next BOCC meeting on July 1, 2014. If you have any questions in advance of the meeting, contact either Assistant County Manager Leslie Johnson at (704) 432-0090 or LUESA Director Ebenezer Gujjarlapudi at (704) 336-3350.
Computer Replacement Project (CREP)
Business Support Services - Information Technology (BSSA-IT) is currently in the final stages of its 2014 Computer Replacement Project (CREP). Each year, BSSA-IT’s desktop team attempts to get as many out-of-warranty computer models removed from the County’s network and replace them with newer models. The newer models not only allow County employees to work more efficiently by providing them with current technology, but also result in cost savings to the County since replacement parts for machines under warranty are provided at no cost from Dell, while out-of-warranty machines must be repaired at full cost.
The 2014 Computer Replacement Project began in February and is scheduled to conclude in August. During this year’s CREP, 900 machines in County departments, the Sheriff’s Office and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library will be replaced. Using a database which tracks the warranty expiration date of each County computer, the desktop team is able to determine which machines need to be replaced. After the 2014 CREP concludes, there will still be approximately 2,000 computers out of warranty. The funding approved in the FY15 Budget for the 2015 CREP will enable BSSA-IT to bring all remaining County computers under warranty.
If you have questions about the Computer Replacement Project, you can contact Brian Nagle, Desktop Team lead, via email
Giving Residents a New Way to ‘Connect With Mecklenburg’
Residents have a new way to connect with Mecklenburg County to speak up on issues that matter most to them.
An easy-to-use online tool focusing on citizen input and feedback is available through Mecklenburg County’s MeckConnect Web page. Residents can post their ideas for community improvement, discuss others’ ideas, and vote on the ones they like.

To join the conversations, residents can visit MeckConnect, click on the “Share Your Ideas” tab, and create a free account. The site enables users to:
  • Share their ideas on Mecklenburg County services;
  • Join conversations and get input on specific initiatives;
  • Receive timely and actionable feedback on the issues at hand;
  • Connect with community members throughout the governing process to produce better outcomes
Current conversations include: volunteering, summertime activities, and the Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan survey.
If you have questions about MeckConnect, please call Citizen Involvement Coordinator Sophia Hollingsworth at 980-722-2111 or email.

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