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Board Bulletin
June 30, 2014
Legislative Update 
Today is the final day of FY14, and there are mixed signs as to whether the General Assembly is close to adjournment. It appears that committees are shutting down for the session with no committee meetings scheduled after today. This is one of the signs that the end of session is near. However, there are no signs that the House and Senate are approaching a compromise on a new spending plan for FY15.
Last week, the House unveiled and passed piecemeal legislation that would provide pay increases for teachers and other state employees, though without using additional revenue from a new lottery advertising plan as was included in the House budget. The House also gave preliminary approval to a bill titled “Omnibus Justice Amendments” that contained Justice and Public Safety provisions from the House and Senate budgets.
Since the State is operating on a two-year budget passed last summer, the General Assembly could adjourn without adopting a new budget and the State would continue to operate. Doing so would result in no pay increases for teachers or other state employees and would leave the Governor to deal with a shortfall in Medicaid funding. 
Public Records Request Website Gets Makeover  
To streamline the public records request process, Public Information has created a new site which includes an alphabetized list of the most frequently requested types of records, complete with contact information for the agency responsible for providing this information and/or links to databases where individuals can search for and obtain the information online. 

For public records which are the responsibility of Mecklenburg County, the site provides links to the County’s public records policy and procedures, as well as information and links to submit a public records request online or through the mail.

If you have questions about the new public records request website, you can contact Public Information Director Danny Diehl at 704-572-1035 or via email

New Assistant Assessor Hired
Mecklenburg County has a new assistant assessor. Christina Lantis joined the Tax Assessor's Office on June 10.
As assistant assessor, Christina will be responsible for leading the Real Property Division of the Assessor’s Office, managing both commercial and residential real property staff. Christina’s duties include working in conjunction with Pearson’s Appraisal Service as they continue their revaluation review project, preparing for the next session of Board of Equalization and Review appeals (which will begin in August), reviewing and revising training and field manuals and departmental policies and procedures. Christina will also be reviewing the information and questionnaires that are sent to customers to ensure that they convey information clearly. 

Prior to joining Mecklenburg County, Christina served as chief of Assessment Services for the Office of the Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk in County of San Bernardino, Calif., the largest county in the continental United States.

If you have questions, please contact County Assessor Ken Joyner via email

‘Thank You’ and a Free Round for 216 Veterans 
For the ninth year in a row, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation and Veterans Services thanked our vets and active military with a special golf tournament just for them.
The 9th annual Veterans and Reservists Golf Classic featured members of all branches of the military competing at the Charles T. Myers Golf Course in northern Mecklenburg County. Participants included former Commissioner Norman A. Mitchell Sr.
“This is a special event that honors the people who have done things for our country, and it’s good that somebody would look after us and give us a day of our own,” said U.S. Army veteran Henry Lindsay, who has played in this tournament seven times.

To learn more about the tournament, visit You can also view photos here.

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