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Domestic Violence Services Update
As a result of a study on domestic violence provided last year by Carol Morris (Domestic Violence in Charlotte-Mecklenburg: An Overview and Assessment of Our Community Response), Mecklenburg the County enhanced its emphasis on providing domestic violence services.  Below is a summary of the major steps implemented to date:
  • We reorganized to place Women’s Commission services as a key component of a newly-established Department of Community Support Services (CSS), and hired a director for this department.  This restructuring also resulting in the appointment of the CSS director to the Community Health and Safety Focus Area Leadership Team.  This staff team is accountable for developing and revising the strategies to achieve the Board’s goals for this focus area.
  • We have embarked upon a Shelter Feasibility Study, in conjunction with United Family Services (UFS), which will result in recommendations on services to be offered, number of beds, facility planning, security, and transportation.  The study will also provide cost projections for a new and larger shelter facility.
  • We have established a Memorandum of Understanding that provides for better coordination between the County and UFS, more comprehensive assistance to victims, enhanced data collection, and collaborative community education and training.
  • We have convened a meeting of the proposed Community Response Leadership Team, consisting of key representatives of municipal governments, police departments, and educational institutions in the county.
  • We have hired additional staff at both CSS and funded additional positions at UFS to accommodate the growing need for services and the increasing number of non-English speaking residents who seek domestic violence services.
Staff will present a complete overview of our progress at the Board’s Public Policy Workshop scheduled for February 13.

County Bond Sale

On Wednesday, January 17, the County issued $102 million fixed rate general obligation bonds.  The bonds were sold competitively, resulting in 11 bids, which is a relatively large number of bids compared with previous sales.  The winning bid by Bank of America was 4.169%. 
The bonds will be used for schools, park and recreation, community college and law enforcement facilities.  The Certificates of Participation sale in the amount of $123,135,000 is scheduled for February 7.
--Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager

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